Nabil Sotohi Mahmoud Aldosoky Nabil Sotohi Mahmoud Aldosoky

Nabil Sotohi Mahmoud Al Dosoky
Elementary level


In this lesson , students practice reading for gist , specific information and details in the context of an English man who lives with his parents. For my group of elementary Turkish learners, I am going to pave the way for them through a lesson of reading skill.My students will have fun through skimming and scanning. Recycling the target vocabulary will be obvious through semi-controlled practice in speaking fluently.


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist reading practice using a text about An Englishman's home... is his castle. in the context of Family

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a WH Questions. in the context of Family


Lead in (0-3 minutes) • To create interest in the topic of : Still at home!

* To elicit the two pictures of a young man who is leaving his house and the newly married couple .They will give responses using their own daily life situation in Turkey. * How old are people when they leave the family home? ( They will look at a picture of : A Young man who is leaving his home). * How old are people when they get married? ( They will look at a picture of : A newly married couple).

Pre-teach vocabulary (0-7 minutes) • To facilitate the passage they are going to read through understanding the blockers

The main useful vocabulary in this text: ( castle - handsome - married x single - Through the process of MFP, I 'll give them opportunity to : Elicit , understand and use the target vocabulary. I will present the blockers as a list of words that appear one by one.They will guess , talk and use them in meaningful sentences.

Reading for gist (0-8 minutes) • To encourage my students to read for gist. They will work in groups to answer some specific questions.

Through skimming, they will be able to elicit what is the subject about. The title of the passage will be shown to them. They will think in pairs then check through group work and the feedback will be to all the class as the final step of this procedure.

Reading for specific information task (0-10 minutes) • To scan , in order to get specific information.

They will read again with the help of the teacher to ensure full understanding. They will study the passage as three parts.They will be given enough time to work individually to underline the correct words Ex: 2 ( A worksheet will be given for every specific drill). They will correct themselves through pair work and the feedback for all the class will be on the board.

Intensive reading for details (0-10 minutes) • To read a passage to answer specific questions using some main details

Ss read again in pairs to get more details through intensive reading as: I will give them specific questions as follow: Andy's father wants him to live away from them.Is it correct? Why ? Andy thinks that he doesn't want to leave his family, is it correct? Why? Give me some details about Andy.

A Follow-Up Task (0-7 minutes) • To recycle the main ideas they got from the passage in a speaking skill ( As a productive skill)

Ss will give their opinions to tell why Andy still lives at home. They will think individually then exchange their ideas together in the group. They will give other ideas whether to stay at their parents homes or leave.Giving opinions and reasons.

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