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Elementary level


Ss will learn about the simple present tense+(I /they /you /we) and how to form questions usig this tense in the of daily routine


Abc gap-fill handouts , exercise worksheets

Main Aims

  • To provide review of simple present+(I/they /you/we) in the context of daily routine

Subsidiary Aims

  • integrated skills listening-writing-speaking


lead-in (5 minutes) • engage the Ss & get them in involved

Create a context about the daily routine of somebody by showing the Ss some pictures on the board and ask them some questions to let them guess what the topic of the lesson is about.

listening activity (3-4 minutes) • SS get more familiar with the daily routine vocabulary

Get Ss listen to the audio R3.2 p.150 .Then ask them to do ex.7 p.23 individually

feedback (2-3 minutes) • get Ss FB

ask Ss to chek their answers in pairs then have WC feedback

listening activity (3-5 minutes) • Ss can recognize the Wh- question words

elicit the wh- question words from Ss the get Ss listen to the audio again ask them to work in pairs to write as many questions as they can .

Feedback (3-5 minutes) • get Ss feedback as WC

after they finish they share their answers within their group of 4 and the T Check answers with them as WC.

Teaching phase (7-8 minutes) • get Ss be familiam with forming questions about daily routine using do

Elicit the way of forming questions from Ss Teach them how to from a question to ask about the daily routine using do for I/you /we/they -give Ss some examples for making questions by putting some words on the board and ask them to help putting the words in the correct order to make acorrect question. such as :Do- you -live- Where -?

cotrolled practice (5 minutes) • Get Ss practice what they learnt about forming questions

Ask Ss to do Ex.9 p.23 to make question with the given words individually Monitoring Teacher will walk around the class and make sure everyone is participating

Feedback (2-3 minutes) • check Ss understanding

ask Ss to share their answers with a partener then give them the answer key to check their answers.

Speaking activity (5-7 minutes) • practice asking questions about the daily routine using do

Get Ss to ask each other the questions in Ex.9-a p.23 after modeling asking the questions with a student and deal with any errors in TL by Monitoring and walking around the class to make notes and make sure everyone is participating.

Writing activity (5-7 minutes) • encourage Ss to practice writing using TL

Get Ss to write six Sentences about their daily routines after giving some words to help them in this task. then distribute HO.

Feedback (5 minutes) • Share ideas and check accuracy

ask Ss to swap their papers with their partner for peer checking & T should keep walking around to help weak ones or anyone who might need help.

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