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Food & Drink
Beginner level


This lesson will introduce the vocabulary words needed to express liking, love, eat and drink, food & drinks in normal life.


Main Aims

  • Food & Drink Vocab- & vocab of like, love, eat & drink

Subsidiary Aims

  • Listening & Speaking


Get to know what to eat! (8-10 minutes) • Set & build the Context by eliciting & practicing

- Chest the pictures of different food & drink and try to elicit from them their names.. - Chest the HO 1 and explain to them that they need to match the food & drink with their names, individually. -Distribute the HO 1. - Ask students to check in pairs.

'Like it or not' (8-10 minutes) • To build on context

-Chest the HO 2 and ask the Ss to stand up and come close. -Ask one of the students to step forward. -Show him/her the HO and point to the first picture (in this case it is orange juice) and ask him ' do you like orange juice'. If he/she says 'yes', then i will ask him/her to write his/her name on the HO. -Briefly explain with gestures that they all need to ask a different person about one food/drink, till the HO is filled. -Specify the time.

Guess what the picture says (10-13 minutes) • Introduce the TL

-Chest the pictures, one by one and put them on the W/B. -Assign an alphabet to every student for.e.g. a,b,c... etc (based on the Ss present in class) to make a group of 3-4 Ss. -Ask all the As and the Bs to sit together (likewise for all the other alphabets). -Give them the HO with only the pictures on it. -Give them 3-4 mins to discuss and then ask them to write what they think the picture says next to it, on the W/B. -Play the recording R 3.18 and ask them to listen to it. Make them practice the sentences used.

What friends like to eat & drink (5-7 minutes) • Third party use of the TL

-Ask Ss to come back to their old seats. -Chest the HO4 and explain to them that they need to fold it in half, then distribute the HOs. -Ask them to listen to the recording and tick the words used in the recording. -Check the answers in pairs. -Now they may unfold the HO4 to verify.

What you like eat or drink (5-7 minutes) • Enhance the use of functional language and food & drink vocab

- Make two groups, A & B. - Chest the HO 5 and show them to fold it, once they get it. - Distribute the HOs. - Explain instructions given on the HO. To clarify solve the first one as a demo. -Once the task is completed, ask them to check with each other and then let them unfold the HO and verify their answers from the key. - Ask if any questions.

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