Bethan Bethan

Elementary level


In this lesson students practice simple present wh- questions and language from previous lessons in the context of a party.


Main Aims

  • To provide practice in speaking for fluency and accuracy in personal interviews about themselves

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give Ss practice in simple present wh- questions


Warmer/Lead-in (3-4 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Play background music as Ss come back in from break tell students to find their name card and sit down. Switch off music when I show handshake. Tell Ss: Where are we? (at a party). Show handshake pic. What are we doing? (meeting people) When you meet someone what do you want to know? Brainstorm: Name, age, live? from? Job So questions. (elicit where are you from?) What's your job? Write 2-3 on WB. Model and drill intonation and stress.

Exposure (6-7 minutes) • To provide a model of production expected in coming tasks through reading/listening

Look at the words in the circle. 1 minute Read. T Write up circle on WB with limited info incl. Draw Ss attention to spaces on H.O. Tell Ss work in Pairs to write sentence for each subject. Use the words to write Q's. Give example, circle words from the circle and write How old are you? Ask ICQ's What are you writing? Questions How many? 6 (one each) Alone or in pairs? Pairs. Will you write the same questions (indicate pairs) Yes. While Ss work, monitor and help Ss, check for accuracy. Stop activity after 5 mins. Demo an example Modelling and drilling intonation. Ss practice asking each other their questions. Demo.

Productive Task(s) (7-9 minutes) • To provide an opportunity to practice target productive skills

Music playing softly. Role play meeting someone. "hello, how are you?" Model using paper to ask q's. Make notes of answers. 3 minutes meet someone. After 3 minutes change.

Follow up writing task (8-10 minutes) • To give Ss practice using target language in written form.

Write about someone you met. Pick a student. I met Elif. When's your birthday? write month on WB. Mime thinking. Elicit full sentence to write. DON'T WRITE NAMES. When students are done. Stick papers around the room. Read the papers and find one about you.

Speaking practice (9-10 minutes) • to give Ss practice in speaking for fluency

Party time. Find someone who is similar to you. Demo. Pick a student. Role play. Hello. How are you? When's your birthday? Oh really my birthday's in ____ too. Are we similar? Yes CCQ's If something is similar, is it the same?Yes/maybe Is it exactly the same? No. While Ss mingle monitor and help, and take notes for FB F.B. Model structures: Both our birthdays are in ___. Did you find anyone with a similar answer? We both read books.

Feedback and Error Correction (4-5 minutes) • To provide feedback on students' production and use of language

Present a mixture of correct and incorrect sentences/ language items collected throughout the lesson. Give Ss time to self- correct. Elicit corrections, Use gap filling and reformulation. Highlight common pronunciation errors. Model and drill.

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