Bediz Bediz

Teaching Practice 1
Pre-intermediate level


In this lesson the students will learn different question forms using "how" and "what". They will practice reading for specific details in order to be able to identify question forms. The students will also learn about identity theft and have a free speaking activity in which they will try to find their stolen identity. This will allow them to practice the question forms they learnt earlier in the lesson.


Abc Course book hand out, various exercises

Main Aims

  • To introduce and practice question forms with "how" and "what"

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide freer speaking practice of question forms.
  • To provide practice of reading for specific details.


Lead in (7-8 minutes) • To introduce identity theft.

I hang up various pictures of identity thieves on the WB but give no detail. I ask the students to tell me what they see in the pictures one by one. Then, I ask the students what they think about identity theft. "Is it a big problem?"

Reading for grammar (14-15 minutes) • Reading for specific details.

The students will read the passage and fill in the blanks using various phrases with "how" and "what". They will then work in pairs and check each others' answers which I will then elicit from them. Using the examples in the reading text, I will explain the grammar by getting the rules from the students. I will give various prompts such as giving them the answer and asking for the question.

Grammar practice (6-7 minutes) • To practice the grammar rules the students just learnt.

The students will answer the questions for exercise two which will help them practice the grammar structure they learnt previously. This exercise will also help them in their speaking activity. The students will answer the questions individually then check with different partners this time. I will then elicit the answers from the quiet students.

Speaking Activity (14-15 minutes) • To initiate free speaking for fluency

I will write on the board simple sentences describing me, making sure to omit my name. Then I will hand out some blank paper to the students for them to do the same. I will then collect these and mix them up. I will re-distribute the paper making sure that no-one has got their own one again. I will then ask the students to stand, walk around and ask questions in order to be able to find their own identity again. While the students walk around asking questions, I will listen to them and note any errors that they may be making and do a delayed error correction at the end of the activity.

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