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Reading for gist and specif information.
Elementary level


In this lesson ,students are going to practise reading in the context of fascinating festivals. At the lead in ,they will be initiated to identify the concept of festival and its related ceremony in their local society .Next ,they will read the article about some festivals in other countries and match each paragraph to the pictures .Next they read forgist ido a speaking activity using the questions included .


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Main Aims

  • To practice reading for gist and reading for specific information .

Subsidiary Aims

  • To do semi-controlled /less restricted speaking practice .


Pre-reading (2-4 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students about fascinating .

Show pictures of famous festivals in Egypt like :Eid Aladha ,Eid Alfitr ,The Easter (Sham El-Nassim ) Ask students : What are the people doing here ? Are they happy or sad ? Do they enjoy ? Where can you see this ? Students think until they understand the word festival .Drill it .

While -reading (10-14 minutes) • To get students to read for specific information and practise speaking using it .

Ex1a-Ask the students to read paragraph one (in one minute's time) Then ask which picture on the lesson page goes with it .. -Then ask the students again to read paragraphs 2 & 3 and match each one with one of the remaining pictures .(Simplify the demonstration ) Give them an answer key . Ex 2 b. Ask the students to read paragraph 1 again then ask : 1-Where's it ?: 2-When is it ? . 3-What do people throw ? Drill the questions one by one ,and let students say each question's answer . Demo the controlled speaking by telling students to sit in groups and ask one another the same questions about each paragraph .Use ICQS to check understanding of the task .

Post -reading (6-10 minutes) • To give the students the chance to identify and analyse the language used in the text ,then use it in a new context .

Ex 2-b Ask the students about popular festivals in Egypt . Students answer :Eid Al-Adha ,Eid Al-Fitr ,,,,etc. (write 2 examples on the board ) Ask:What do people do on Eid Al-Adha ? Students : cut ,slay ,sacrifice (Don't repeat ss' answers ) Ask :Do people give money to children ? Students :Yes ,they do . Ask : Do children wear new clothes ? Students : Yes ,they do . Have the students sit in groups and ask one another about the other two Egyptian celebrations you wrote on the board .

controlled practice : (5-7 minutes) • To enable the students' to use the language they have learnt in controlled contexts.

Ex5 : Drill the questions . Demonstrate that the students are going to read the questions and then match with the answers above .Do examples 1& 2 with the students to simplify the demonstration . Let the students ask you and give correct models . Have students do this in closed and open pairs personalizing the questions about themselves : 1-What's your favourite time of the day ? 2-What's your favourite month ? 3-What's your favourite season ? 4-What's your favourite public holiday ?

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