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Abc new English file - student's book

Main Aims

  • To provide practice of shopping in the context of " do you live to shop or ?"

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide gist reading practice using a text about shopping and clothes in the context of " do you live to shop or ?"


lead-in (5-7 minutes) • to generate interest in the topic "the highest city in the world"

Ls going to watch a fashion show video for 3 minutes .then ask the student Have you ever attended a show like this?

test (5-6 minutes) • to diagnose what Ls already know about the target language(vocabulary)

ask Ls to read the words and try to complete the puzzle with this words and tell them that no problem if they do not know some words.

teach (5-7 minutes) • to clarify aspects of the TL that Ls do not know.

elicit the blocking words from the test. then show them pictures elicit the meaning and pronounce it. then write it on the board

test (5-7 minutes) • to provide an opportunity for Ls to use the TL

ask Ss to( write a list for you ) by using this words. then ask Ss to work in groups and tell other students about the clothes and color you wear.by using this dialogue.

feedback (7 minutes) • to praise good use of Tl.

ask Ls to discuss their answers in pairs. then ask Ss to tell me something about their partiners.

gist reading (2-3 minutes) • to give them the reason to read

ask Ss to read quickly and tell are are the three people live to shop or shop to live?

controlled practice (5 minutes) • to give Ss the chance to respond to the text.

ask Ss to read the article again and match the sentences with Yolanda, Michael, and Libby

feedback (2 minutes) • to correct errors in their answers.

ask Ss to check their answers in pairs. and check the answer with while class.

free-practise (6 minutes) • to provide vocabulary practice.

ask Ss to discuss the three of their selves in pairs.

feedback (5 minutes) • to provide vocabulary practice.

ask Ss to tell me some information about their partners

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