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In this lesson ,students will focus on grammar being their main aim focusing on past simple forms of regular and irregular verbs. Teacher will high light the target language and clarify it with modelling and controlled practice of speaking. Students will listen to what a great time Angie had over the weekend. Teacher will elicit past simple of irregular verbs in the lead-in. As a semi-controlled speaking activity,students will list the things they did last sunday, practicing their past simple verbs.


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Main Aims

  • To elicit and clarify past simple forms of the regular and irregular verbs.

Subsidiary Aims

  • Students will listen and carry a semi-controlled speaking activity using the past tense of regular and irregular verbs .


lead-in/ building context (5-6 minutes) • to generate interest in the context of the text

1- T asks the SS," What day is today? (Friday) what day was it yesterday(Thursday).Great. so did u have fun yesterday. so yesterday: I get??up early and T will stick the first picture on the CB and then I ......(had) T will keep on sticking the pix like a story board and will elicit the past tense of the verbs by miming as well. T will occasionally get SS to repeat the whole story so far. ICQS, " did I do this today?(no) "did I do these in the past?(NO) SS will respond correctly if they can continue with the story, otherwise T will help by miming as well. T-" so can u talk (hand gestures) to your partner about what did u do yesterday for 1 min." FB; T will ask any SS to tell the class about their yesterday.

listening task (6-7 minutes) • To introduce the Target language via an activity

- T gives cut outs of verbs to match with past simple verbs to the SS. Class will be divided into two groups and it would be a competition. -T" match the 11 verbs to the past simple verbs. Lets see which group will win. you have 4 minutes. paste it on the board. ICQs; "How much time?(4 min) "how many verbs?" (11) "which group will win?" (the one who finishes first) -SS will match it and paste it on the WB. winning team gets a point. - T will group regular verbs in one column and irregular verbs in another column just to clarify the differences. - WCFB

Highlighting Target Language (8-9 minutes) • to highlight the target language by listening to the context

1-T" now lets listen to what Angie did yesterday. just write down the verbs that tell you what she did yesterday. " T will play the audio.(T10.1) -ICQ" what day was it? ( yesterday) "what will we write?" (verbs) - SS will write them on the paper. - T" Check with your partner." 2.-T chests the HO to SS" use these verbs to fill 11 gaps. alone. you have 5 minutes." ICQs " how much time" ( 5min) " how many gaps?" (11) " will you do it alone? (yes) - SS will do it alone/ -check in pairs and then WCFB on OHP.

Clarifying Target Language (7-8 minutes) • to clarify the meaning/model and highlight the form of the target language

+ T will use 2 marker sentences to clarify the meaning/form and pronunciation(if need arises). 1.I went for shopping. 2. I watched a film on T.V. Form- subj+verb+ ICQs " did she go for shopping now?" (no) " Will she go tomorrow?'(no) " did she watch the film today?"(no) " will she watch film tomorrow?"(no) + SS will identify the form on WB. + WCFB

Language Practice (5-10 minutes) • to provide semi-controlled speaking activity

- T will write down a sentence on CB and tell the SS"use this sentence to tell your partner what you did yesterday. " ICQs " who will you talk to?( peer) " What will you discuss? ( about my yesterday) - T will tell them after 5 min " now Talk to others in the Class room and tell them what you did yesterday and ask them what they did yesterday." -SS will talk in pairs first and then with entire class (mingle). - T will monitor and prepare for delayed error correction.

Feedback (3-5 minutes) • to establish correct answers- delayed error correction

-T will do delayed error correction on the WB. - SS would drill the correct form or pronunciation.

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