Present simple:positive sentences
Elementary,A2 level


In this lesson,students learn about the present simple through the contexts of personal information. Then they complete the sentences in simple present tense. The teacher give them handouts where students have to match nouns to correct verbs. For more practice of the simple present tense students work in pairs with piles of papers.One pile is pronouns\noun phrases and the other one is verbs.Students should pick one card from each file to make a correct sentence.


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Main Aims

  • To practice and review the present simple tense in the context of the personal information

Subsidiary Aims

  • To give sts controlled speaking practice to develop spoken accuracy


Lead- in (2-3 minutes) • To set context to teach simple present

The teacher starts the lesson talking about herself.She gives personal information to set the context to teach simple present to the students then ask a students to talk about his personal information.(3 minutes) {T-S} The teacher draws a grammar table on the board. Note:In the previous lesson, if students practice making sentences about their personal information a previous session,the teacher will give daily activities examples the procedure continues based on those statements.

Teach Grammar (15-18 minutes) • To practice and review simple present

The teacher calls the students attention to the board.She has written pronouns on the left side of the table and football on the right side. To elicit the correct form of the verb, she does not write a verb.After elicitation, she does drill to develop spoken accuracy. (5-6 minutes) {T-S} Then she asks students to talk about their personal information in pairs.In this phase students are involved in a productive skill. (5 minutes) {T-S, S-S } The teacher asks some students tell what their partner`s talked about. The teacher asks students to stand up and choose their partner and talk about their family members` personal information. So they can practice the third person singular.The teacher asks some students tell what their partner`s talked about.(5-6 minutes) {S-S,T-S}

Controlled activities (20-24 minutes) • To practice the recently learned grammar in the written context

After passing the papers around, the teacher asks them complete the sentences in pairs (exercise 4 a) then listen to the Cd and check their answers. (5-6 minutes) {PW} The teacher gives students background about the next exercise and asks them complete it then the teacher gives them handouts to check their answers in pairs. The teacher monitors them to answer any questions. (5-6 minutes) {PW} To provide more exposure to this lesson and verb-noun collocations, the teacher provides handouts to match the noun to the correct verb.Students work in three groups. The teacher names the groups `blue` `green` `red`. She writes groups` names on the board. A student from each group should go to the board and write the answers. The teacher will check the answers and give points to each group. The group with the most correct answers win the competition. (5-6 minutes) {PW,T-S} First,the teacher groups the students.Then she sticks a picture on the board and asks them write a sentence about it. She changes the picture as soon as she elicits correct sentences from groups. It is the productive activity that exploits the grammar points. (5-6 minutes) {PW}

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