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See the film... Get on a plane
Intermediate level


In this lesson students will talk about films and where they have been set. They will have a gist reading about identifying the names of the films and where they have been set, then they will have a detail reading activity to find answers to questions about the films, in the same reading text. Finally in pairs students will interview each other with the questions about their cinema taste.


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Main Aims

  • To provide gist reading by idetifying the names of the films and where they have been set in the context of Entertaiment.
  • To provide detailed reading about finding answers for the questions about the films in the context of entertaiment.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency by getting them to interviewing each other in pairs about their cinema taste in the context of entertaiment.


Lead in (8-10 minutes) • To set the context of the lesson and rise an interest on the theme.

T starts the lesson with a question "have you ever seen a film which made you want to go there? Where is this place? Then T writes some films on the board; Casablanca(Morocco) Zorro( Mexico) Harry Potter (England) Braveheart (Scotland) Memories of Geisha (Japan) The Da Vinci Code (France) T asks the question where is the films set? In which country was it made? In pairs SS will write their guesses. Please try to guess where was these film set? In which countries it was made? Write your guesses with your pair. ICQ: Will you write when was it made? No Where

Gist reading (8-10 minutes) • To get students to identify the names of the films and where it was set from the text.

SS open page 88 T asks to read the article once and try to guess the name of each film and where was it set? Tell students to write the name of the film next to the numbered gap and the country in which it was filmed on the gap in the text. If students cant guess then write the names and countries in jumbled order. Pair check Whole class check Task feedback: Have you wacthed these movies? Did you like it/them? Which of the three places would you most like to visit? Please read the text and guess the name of the film and where it was filmed. Write the film name here. (showing the right gap) And write the country in this gap. (Showing the second gap) ICQs: Will you write the country in the second gap? No Will you write the country in the first gap? Yes

Detailed Reading (10-12 minutes) • To get students to read the text in detail again and find answer the questions about the films.

T set time limit for SS to read the article again and answer the questions in part 1C. One of the studet will read the question to see if they all understand the questions. Please read the text again and asnwer the wuestions. Which film or films can be the answer. ICQs: Are you going to read in detail? Yes Can there be more than one film for the answer? Yes Pair check/ Whole Class check Task feedback: Did you know these information about the movies?

Speaking for Fluency (8-10 minutes) • To get students to share information about their film taste.

T focuses on the cinema questions. Give students two or three minutes to think about their answers. T puts SS in pairs and they will take turns to interview each other to find out if they have similar taste. But first T gets a ss to read some of the questions to clarify the meaning. Students will change pairs if they finish with their current pairs. please ask and answer questions to each other from page 90. Task feedback

Back-up Activity • To get students to practise fluency even further.

If there is still time, SS will interview T with the questions they asked each other.

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