cansın calıskan cansın calıskan

Pre Intermediate level


In this lesson, the students will have the opportunity to develop their listening and skills by doing some activities. At the beginning, the context will be presented to the Ss through elicitation and they will make predictions and share their ideas with the WC so that they could become familiar with the context of the lesson. After that, some unknown words will be taught them via elicitation, CCQs and drilling. Once they have learnt MFP of these words, they will start doing some listening practices for gist and specific information. After they have finished the controlled practice, they will have the chance to produce their own sentences regarding the context of the lesson.


Main Aims

  • To help Ss develop their listening skills by providing them with some controlled listening practices in order to get gist and specific information about the context.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To enable Ss have a group discussion and express their own opinions about the context of the lesson.


Lead in (8-10 minutes) • To direct Ss attention to the context of the listening lesson by asking them questions and motivating them to make some guesses about the context..

I will start the lesson talking about my last night. I will ask them to guess what kind of a Tv programme I have seen. After getting their answers, I will teach them some unknown vocabaulary by showing pictures to help them elicit the meanings of the words. I will check their understanding by asking CCQs. Also, I will inform the Ss about the meaning and form and I will help them pronunce the words correctly via drilling, Apart from these,I will keep directing Ss to the main subjects and concerns of the listening audio via elicitation.

Pre Listening (5-10 minutes) • To help them think over the main topics of the lesson and to arouse their interest by asking them to make some guesses.

I will ask them to work in pairs and write three things that may be given as a prize in Game Shows. After getting their ideas, I will show them a picture to guess the prize that is mentioned in the listening track. The students will try to make a connection between the picture and the context.

Gist Listening (5-6 minutes) • To help the Ss develop their ability to listen for the gist.

I will give them simple and clear instructions about the exercise. I will ask them to listen the audio and do the first section of the worksheet. After I checked their understanding by ICQs, I will give them the handouts and then start the audio. If the most of the students do not feel difficulty about doing the exercise,I will get their answers and end this stage. If they cannot find the answers at once, I will open the audio once more.

Listening for Specific Information (7-10 minutes) • To enable Ss to develop their ability to listen for specific purpose.

I will give instructions about the stage and then I will ask them to work in pairs and Ss will listen only the first half to do the second exercise. After checking their answers I will finish play the second part of the audio and they will do the last exercise.

Whole Class Discussion (10-12 minutes) • To enable Ss develop their speaking skills using the information they have learnt about the context of the listening.

I will divide the class into half. I will give instructions and ask ICQs to make sure they have understood the task. One group will support Nasa while the others support the TV show. I will monitor and take some notes while they are discussing. I will also keep the discussion alive by giving them some ideas. If I have time, I will read them their correct and incorrect sentences to help them do self and peer correction.

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