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TP3 In the Media 9/8/2016
intermediate level


In this lesson SS learn how to use the new vocabulary to make a book, CD... concert review.


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Main Aims

  • At the end of the lesson SS will have learnt and used language to express opinions and how to make a book, CD, Concert Review

Subsidiary Aims

  • SS will have developed the ability to use the new vocabulary to discuss and compare their opinions in the context of media activities reviews.


Lead-in (7 minutes) • To introduce the topic and elicit target activities. To personalize the topic.

1. Project various pictures on the board, and ask students to name each activity using the box of exercise 1. 2. Elicit different ideas by asking: -Which activity do you prefer? -Which activity you enjoy the most? 3. Ask SS to rate the activities of Ex1 individually. 4. Encourage SS to share and compare their opinions.

Pre-teach (5 minutes) • Introduce the new vocabulary needed to build SS speaking task.

1. Project a pic of three previously seen pics on the lead-in stage. 2. Divide SS into three groups; each one takes a different pic and associates it with the suitable vocabulary in the box of Ex 2. 3. Ask students for any unfamiliar words. 4. Correct the exercise collectively by asking volunteers from each group to stick the right words with their corresponding pic on the board. 5. Model and drill the pronounciation and the stress pattern of the words: set, costumes, graphics and photography as they might know these words.

Listening Task (12-15 minutes) • Listen for gist and acquire the useful language on how to express opinions to use it in the speaking stage.

1. Give SS a table to be filled with infos after listening to three speakers who talk about something they have read, seen and listened to. 2. Ask SS to pair-check their answers. 3. Provide SS with the tapescript as an answer key.

Pre-Speaking Task (12-15 minutes) • SS would be able to use the useful language encountered in the listening task to prepare their speaking task.

1. Ask SS to choose an activity they like the most from Ex1 to prepare their reviews. 2. Project helping questions on the board and ask CCQs: - Are you going to talk about something that you would like to do, or something You already did? - Are you going to write or make notes? 3. Ask SS to use the useful language in the script on how to give positive or negative reviews.

Speaking task (7 minutes) • SS would be able to speak about their favourite activities and give a review about it.

1. In pairs SS tell each other about their chosen activity and would they recommend it or not. 2. Involve as many pairs as possible to speak and share their ideas.

Wrap up (2 minutes) • To close the lesson and review lesson aims

1. Remind SS of today's aims and ask if there are any questions. 2. Thank SS for participating.

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