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Teaching Practice 6b
Pre-Intermediate, B1 level


This lesson intends to practice receptive skills (listening for gist and for specific information) and speaking for fluency in the context of Wheels and cars using expressions of opinions,adivce and suggestions. The idea is to make students listen to a record, complete the task and than develop a discussion on how to give advice to people in different contexts.


Abc adapted material from the course book
Abc adapted material from the course book 2
Abc Teacher's material.

Main Aims

  • To practice receptive skills (listening for gist, specific information)in the context of Road Rage, traffic jams and cars.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To practice speaking for fluency in different contexts of using expressions of opinions, advice and suggestions.


Warmer/ Lead-in (6-7 minutes) • to engage the students with the topic

1). The students will watch a video from youtube about a road rage.2).They will try to guess what this video is about.3),I'll try to elicit the phrase "roade rage" from them.4). Then i will drill it and write it on the white board.5).We'll have a short discussion about this phenomena.

Vocabulary teaching (6-7 minutes) • To clarify the meaning, form, and pronunciation of the target language1

1). I will tell a story to the students trying to elicit the target language. 2).I will use visual aids for help.3). After that the target language will be recorded to the white board.

Listening for gist (4-7 minutes) • to practice reading for gist

1). The students will be given hand outs with the listening task.2). The task will be explaind before the listening.3).All instrucions will be checked,4). The students will listen to the record and check their asnwers in pairs. 5). The answer key will be provided on the white board.

Listening for specific information (5-7 minutes) • to practice listening for details

1).The students will listen to the record once again.2). They'll have to match the beginnings of the sentences with the ends.3). The students will again check their answers in pairs.4),The answer keays will be provided on the white board.

Language Focus (8-10 minutes) • to familarize the students with ways of giving advice in English

1). I'll pay attention of the students to the phrases that were used by the radio DJ from the listening part.2).I'll show these phrases on the white board. 3). After that i'lll ask the students to work in pairs and think of another advice they could have given to a speaker named Sharon,4)We'll have a short feedback after it.

Productive task (speaking) (8-12 minutes) • to practice speaking for fluency in the context of giving advice.

1).The students will be divided into 3 groups.3).Each group will be given a problem on which they should give two opposite pieaces of advice.4). Each group works seperatly.

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