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Teaching pratice 2
Elementary level


In this lesson, students learn how to describe people using the adjectives previously aknowledged. The teacher sets two contexts (a phone conversation and the arrival gate of an airport) in order to introduce the next listening for gist and detailed listening tasks. This will prepare the students to focus on a functional language activity guided by the teacher in a drama. In this way SS know how to make questions and give answers to describe someone. Afterwards SS will be gathered in groups in order to solve two handouts both creating and correcting questions and sentences. The lesson will finish with a closed pairs identity game.


Abc Straightforward Elementary Ss Bk

Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson the students will be able to use the TL in a real life context focused on people description.

Subsidiary Aims

  • By the end of the lesson the students will practice both their receptive and productive skills with listening and speaking activities.


Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To get SS interested and familiar with a context

After greeting the students, I start the class showing them a video by the movie "Love actually" thanks to a OHP. There is no sound except music, so there is no need to understand any words. The video is almost 3 minutes but I will play only the first 30 seconds. Before to play, I would ask them to tell me where are the protagonists of the video and what are they doing. I will continue to personalize the topic showing them two pictures: one represents my friends waiting for me at the airport the last time I came back to Italy. The second shows a businessman waiting for a client. I will ask the SS: "Which are the differences between the two pictures?" so that I will start to introduce the following listening task.

Pre-listening task (2-3 minutes) • To connect the lead-in with the upcoming listening task

I will distribute the first HO to the SS with a drawing representing Valerie and Brian, the two protagonists of the upcoming listening task. Now SS have to look at the image and try to describe them using the adjectives learnt with Mucella. They will discuss this in pairs with the partner.

Feedback to the pre-listening task (1-2 minutes) • To give SS a correct description of the picture

SS will have a brief feedback with the T in a quick whole class discussion

Listening for gist Task #1 (2-4 minutes) • To let SS have a whole idea about the recording

SS will listen to the phone conversation between Valerie and Brian. First I set the task, giving them a second small HO with two questions: "Where is Brian?" and "What does Valerie talk to Brian about?". SS will discuss their answers in pairs but they don't have to write down anything. I will check if they understood the instructions asking them: "are you going to write or speak?"

Feedback to the listening for gist task (1-2 minutes) • To give the correct answers

I will start a quick WC discussion to get the correct answers from the pairs

Detailed listening Task #2 (2-4 minutes) • To let the students focus on the recording in order to get some specific information

I give a third handout with three names and four pictures of some new people involved in the recording. These are supposed to be the clients Brian is waiting for at the airport. SS listen to the recording again in order to recognize and match the names with the pictures. I will play the recording for a third time if needed.

Feedback to the detailed listening task (1-2 minutes) • To give the correct answers

SS will check their answers in pairs, then T has a brief WC discussion about them.

Functional language demonstration (3-5 minutes) • SS learn and practice how to use the language in a real context

I will call two volunteers next to me and set a drama. I will be the one waiting for someone at the airport, one of the students has to describe the other one in order that I can understand who is s/he talking about. I will ask him/her some questions and s/he will try to answer. Step by step I will write four questions on the WB: "What does he/she look like?", "How old is he/she?", "How tall is he/she?", "What colour hair does he/she have?", "What colour eyes does he/she have?". I will drill every question chorally. I will do the same with the answers hopefully given by the student involved: "He's /She's tall - young - handsome" and elicit from the WC the adjectives after I wrote the first. "She has fair - dark - brown - black hair"; "He has blue / green /brown eyes" ; "She has glasses"; "She is thirty years old.". I will draw SS attention on a detail which will be useful for the next task: the answer to "What does s/he look like" is not "S/he looks like..." but "She is..." or "She has..."

Grouping (1-2 minutes) • Useful to practice the language with different people

I will hold around 20 stripes of paper with a world city written on each of them (connected to the airport context). 4 "go" to London, 4 to New York, 4 to Paris, 4 to Rome, 4 to Sydney, in order to create 5 groups of around 4 people each.

Functional language task #1 (3-5 minutes) • To let the students create some easy sentences

Still keeping questions and answers on the board, I will now draw the SS attention on the difference between S/he is and S/he has. I will demonstrate the task playing the first word, "glasses" and writing "She has glasses" on the board. I will then playing the remaining 8 words pausing for some seconds after each of them in order to let the groups writing their own sentences. Only one person for each group is writing on a sheet. In order to check if they understood the instructions I will ask: "are you writing a word or a sentence?" and "are you all writing or just one person?"

Feedback to functional language task #1 (1-2 minutes) • To give the correct answers

SS will exchange their answers between the groups. I will then give an answers key, every group will check someone else's sentences.

Functional language task #2 (3-5 minutes) • To keep focusing on the structure of questions and answers in the context

SS are still in groups, I will give them an HO, this time one sheet per each student. Still they will correct the questions and the sentences discussing in their own group. To check if they understood the instructions I will ask: "are you going to do the exercise alone or in your group?"

Feedback to functional language task 2 (1-2 minutes) • To give the correct answers

Every student will receive an answers key HO and quickly discuss them in the group. I will eventually clarify some points if asked by the SS.

Identity game - guided speaking practice (3-7 minutes) • To leave the students free to practice what they have just learnt

In every group SS will start to work in pairs following the new and last HO prompts. One of the partners (A) has to choose a person from another group. Partner (B) is asking some questions in order to discover which person was chosen by partner (A). Then they switch the roles. If there is time left, when back to their seats, I will ask some pairs which was the person chosen and how was described by the partner.

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