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Home Sweet Home
Pre-Intermediate level


In this lesson, sts will practice the Present Perfect for unfinished past using for, since and how long. They will also review the past simple.


Main Aims

  • To provide review of the past simple and practice of the present perfect for unfinished past with for, since and how long.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide scan reading practice using a text about homes in the context of dwelling types


Warm Up (3-5 minutes) • Elicit sts to discuss with partners about where they live

I will have a PP slide on the screen with the questions. After demoing, I will instruct sts to question a partner. After a minute, I will ask the class to raise their hands for the following: Who lives in a house? Point and ask a student: Do you like living there? Why? Ask one more student

Vocabulary Work (3-5 minutes) • Accustom sts with context vocabulary

Students will be instructed on the HO. They are told to check the words in bold and checkmark the words they know. Past out and give them a few minutes to check. Ask if anyone needs a word explained and elicit a synonym.

Homes of Luke and Bridget (9-11 minutes) • Detailed info reading of the texts

Will begin by showing the PP pictures of each house. Sts asked OC what the best thing of each home is. Pass out as they are discussing. Instruct students to listen to what Luke and Bridget think is the best part of their homes. ICQ: What are you going to listen for? Ask them to follow the text as they listen. Play the audio. Spot check for answers. Open previous HO and have them work in pairs. After a few minutes, ask them to check with neighbors for answers.

Present Perfect for Unfinished Past (5-7 minutes) • Practice using for and since

Instruct sts on which part of the text they will be focusing on (the bold) and show on PP Tell them how to fold HO and answer questions 1-3 Peer check Then answer 4-5 OC the answers Ask class how to form a sentence using the present perfect. Use the board to write down and then ask for the negative. Now tell them we will be focusing on Bridgets text (again on PP) and then answer 7 and 8. Be prepared with an eliciting exercise if nobody knows.

For and Since (5-7 minutes) • Phrase matching

Since and for. Instruct sts to discuss in groups which word their phrases go with. Demo the first two and ask them to finish the sentence. Pass HO's (which will be the complete list, two of which will be cutouts to place in the right column for each group) Once complete, have each group go up and place in correct column.

Complete sentence (5-7 minutes) • Present perfect or Past simple

Review previous HO 4 (b) and instruct sts that they will need to use the correct tense for the verb in the brackets and then complete the sentence for yourself. Demo number one on the WB. Pass HO and work alone Work in pairs and discuss your answers

If time exercise (5-7 minutes) • Practice the grammar

Instruct sts to imagine a man they know. Maybe their father or and uncle or an old friend. I want you to answer the questions the same way you just did in the last exercise.

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