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Lesson -26 November 2015
Intermediate 1 level


In this lesson ss revise the narrative tenses. They practise the narrative tenses through speaking exercise and a writing exercise.


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Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson SS will have practised speaking in the context of narrating a story. They will practice writing a newspaper article using the narrative tenses

Subsidiary Aims

  • SS will revise narrative tenses and collocations from the previous lessons


Stage 1 (8-10 minutes) • Lead in

SS will be watcing a video as part of the lead in. T to show pictures from the video and ask SS to predict the content of the video. SS to work in pairs for two minutes and T to monitor. T will play the video and ss will check if the story matches their prediction. Feedback from whole class

Stage 2 (15-17 minutes) • SS will review collocations in the context of crime

T to give out cards for candidates to match collocations. Ss will work in groups to complete the task. T to monitor. Feedback from each group. T to review each collocation - guard dog CCQ - art thief valuable painting burglar alarm customs officer loaded weapon security guard SS will mark the collocations they do not see in the video.

Stage 3 (25-30 minutes) • SS will practice semi controlled speaking in the context of a story

T to provide instructions. T to divide ss in 4 groups T to elicit the structure of a story and write it on the board for reference T to elicit words/phrases used in the beginning, middle and end of the story and write it on the board. T to provide printout of questions to help ss with story telling. SS form the story with the help of the questions and the reference on the board. Each group come up with a story. T to regroup ss in order that a member from each group can narrate the story to the others. T to monitor and provide error correction (on the spot and delayed ) Feedback from whole class.

Stage 4 (7-10 minutes) • Listening for specific information

T to provide instructions. SS will listen to the recording and mark the key phrases used. ss to check with partner.Feedback from whole class

Stage 5 (35-40 minutes) • SS will practice writing in the context of a crime they witnessed /heard about in the form of a story

T to provide instructions. SS to write a story. Word limit will be 180-200 words. T to inform ss that this will be used for mid year evaluation. T to monitor and error correct where necessary. SS to prepare a draft of the story using the structure and key phrases displayed on the board. They will exchange the draft with their partners for peer correction. SS to then prepare the final draft of the story. T to take back the written work for correction.

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