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Grammar, Prepositions of Place
Intermediate level


In this lesson Ss will start by having a quick warm up and review session of their previous lesson about countries . Then will proceed with the grammar and speaking exercise to enforce practice of prepositions of place. They will follow this up with a short speaking, discussing their place of living.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of Prepositions of Place in the context of flags, countries
  • To provide clarification of Prepositions of Place

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a debate in the context of Place of living


Warm-up • To set lesson context and language students

The teacher will introduce herself and check the students' names. Then she will prime the students for learning numbers. To do this end, she will ask some questions about the number of absentees and students with different nationalities. Next, she will show Ss flags of different countries and ask WC which countries do they think the flags belong to. After that she will show the pictures of Japaneses and Turkish and Mexican guys and just point to them to encourage students say that where are they from.

Grammar • Teaching Preposition of Place

T shows the picture of a Japaneses , Turkish , Mexican guys and just point to them and by gesture show that they should say where are they from.She draws a map of turkey with some cities in it and say that Izmir and Istanbul are really near to each other and in the way teach the preposition 'near'. She also stand near one of the Ss and says that im near Turgy But I'm not near Neshat. t then by gesture and pointing tries to encourage Ss speak and guess which preposition sh is using. Then she will explain that she will be holding them 10 pieces of paper with different words written on them and they will need to put these numbers in order and make a sentence on their desks. When the team has finished and all players have agreed they are in the correct order, One team member will run and press the ' red button' on the WB. after that t try to grouping students in small group of 3-4. she will give them each a color and then ask them to sit with people who have the same color as them.she will them handouts of the transcription p.139 to find the prepositions "in, from, near" . then check their answers.

Speaking • To ecourage students to use the language in the authentic situation

she will start with another grouping exercise, using numbers. She will give the numbers and then ask them to raise their hands in order of their numbers and sit with the person who has the same number as them. She will write on the board ' where do you live? and where is your home near to? " . Then she gives the students (ex .1 p. 139) handouts. In pairs Ss will discuss the questions on the board. They will have 2-3 minutes. After this, they will have the whole class feedback session about what they have learnD from their partners.

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