Zahra Zahra

Teaching Practice 2
upper-intermediate level


This lesson focuses on pronunciation of words containing the four phonemes presented in pronunciation part which will be introduced through the context of illness and injury.


Abc handout
Abc question chart handout
Abc question handout
Abc filling activity handout
Abc matching exercise handout

Main Aims

  • to practice pronunciation of words using the 4 phonemes presented

Subsidiary Aims

  • to speak in the context of illness and injury


warmer/ lead-in (8-10 minutes) • to activate students' knowledge of the topic / to generate interest in the topic of the lesson

Teacher gives students a quick activity to spark their interest. she gives a handout to each student. She sets a time limitation. The handout would be a " Find someone who ..." one. Teacher uses a few of the topic related words in this stage. Then she wants the students to stand in a circle and tell the others what they have learned about each other.Some of them may come up with the related words.

pre-teach vocabulary (4-5 minutes) • to provide an opportunity to understand the meaning of new words in following exercises

Teacher divides students into pairs and gives each of them a matching exercise handout. She wants them to do the exercise with their partner and then check their answers with another group. At the end teacher calls a person's name and wants them to give their answer. students will repeat the words after the teacher.

pronunciation (13-15 minutes) • to clarify and practice the four phonemes, focus on word stress

Teacher elicits some of the word from the previous exercise, Writes them on the board and underlines one part of the word. She asks the students if they have any idea about the sounds of underlined parts. Teacher clarifies the phonemes and gives a handout to each of the students but different handouts. She wants them to complete the chart by themselves and then they share their handouts and correct each others'. If they agree with the answer, they would check and if they do not, they would make an x. Then students return their partners' handouts and receive a full chart as a kind of answer key from the teacher. There would be extra part for the words in part d. So teacher reads out the words in part d and wants the students to put them in the correct place individually.She gives the list of the words and wants students decide how to pronounce the words according to the stressed part and then repeat the words .She may ask students if they can make funny sentences with the vocabulary.

freer practice (10-15 minutes) • To provide the opportunity to use the words with correct stress pattern and pronunciation in a sentence

Teacher divides the class into 3 groups. While they are sitting, she gives them a question list handout and wants them to talk about the questions. Later the teacher asks the questions and the students would give their answers to the class.

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