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speaking-cast away
upper intermediate level


In this lesson students improve their fluency skills through speaking. The lesson starts with a video which was used as a warm - up/lead in activity.This speaking lesson is based around the use of realia,a collection of everyday objects from around the house ,and how we use it in a difficult situation.


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Main Aims

  • To provide fluency in the context of talking about uses for everyday objects in a difficult situation

Subsidiary Aims

  • * Grammar:to provide revision of using gerund after (for).


Warm-up (2-3 minutes) • To break the ice between Ss and to create rapport between them and the teacher

I will introduce myself "Hello,my name is Hagar?"and ask Ss .How are you? nice to meet you .

Lead-in (3-5 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

Ss will watch a video and and T tells Ss to imagine the following situation: they were all on a cruise ship when there was a terrible storm. The boat sank, but they swam and reach a small tropical island. There are a lot of fruits on the island and lots of fish too. However, the only things they have with them are these objects, which have washed ashore.

setting the task (8-10 minutes) • To prepare students for the speaking exercise.

-Bring out the objects(realia) and make sure the students know what they are,what is it used for?,.( -Divide the students into groups of four. Each group has to say how we use these objects in this situation. -Hand out Ss pictures of the objects they had found on the shore . -Set a time limit (2-3 min) to think a lone (preparation time). -Ask them to discuss this as a group and at the end present their solution. -Ask each group to present their ideas to another group. -Ask them what they are going to do(ICQS).

Language help (1-2 minutes) • To highlight and clarify useful language for coming productive tasks

Bring out the objects , T asks, “What is it used for?” making sure that SS use the gerund,Write an example on the board. The coat hanger is used for hanging clothes. It could be used for fishing.

Productive Task (Speaking for fluency). (8-10 minutes) • To improve their fluency and to practice the target language they studied before.

-Circulate and monitor the groups while they are doing the speaking activity - Set a time limit (10 minutes is usually enough,

Feedback (4-5 minutes) • reporting

-Stop the activity when students have decided how they can use the objects. Ask each group to present their ideas to another group. At the end, ask which group had the most imaginative uses for the objects.

freer practice • To provide freer oral practice and use the language productively.

-Ask students to work in their groups again and make a list of the ten objects they would most like to have in their situation. -Feedback

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