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Abc Global (Elementary), Unit 7, pg. 82
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Main Aims

  • To introduce vocabulary related to weather

Subsidiary Aims

  • To write a postcard describing the weather of an imaginary country


Warmer/Lead-in (3-3 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

T will ask the Ss to talk about todays weather in pairs for few minutes. After this T will ask the Ss to guess what is the topic of today and writes "weather" on WB and drills the word.

Activity: Identifying things related to weather (2-3 minutes) • To introduce the TL

T will give the Ss a hand-out and they will write a correct word under a photo. They will do it in pairs. Photos are: Cloud(s) Rain Snow Sun Wind Correct answers will be checked as WC.

Form (5-5 minutes) • To introduce how to make adjectives from the nouns

T will write on the WB "Today is a ______ day" and tries to elicit a word for the blank spot. The Ss might say "sun". After this T will write it on the the blank spot and tries to elicit the correct form from the Ss. T will write the y-ending in a different colour to emphasize it. T will write the same sentence on the WB again and draw clouds on the WB and tries to elicit "cloudy" on the blank spot. T will write sun - sunny, cloud - cloudy on the WB and tries to elicit the rule from the Ss. By adding the letter y (and in sunny, ny) it is possible to makes adjectives from nouns.

Activity: Gap-fill (controlled activity) (2-3 minutes) • To practice the TL

T will give the Ss a gap-fill to do individually. They will fill out the gaps with correct forms of rain, snow, cloud, sun. The Ss will check the answers in pairs.

Activity: Putting adjectives on a thermometer (8-10 minutes) • To introduce new adjectives

T will draw a thermometer on the WB and tries to elicit the name. After this T will put flashcards (pictures) on the WB and ask the Ss to come on the WB and put them in the correct order next to the thermometer and after this checks that they are in the correct order. Then, T gives the Ss the names of the adjectives on paperslips and asks them to put them into a correct order in pairs. When they are finished they will come to the WB and put the next to the pictures (and thermometer). T will check the correct answers together with the Ss.

Activity: Mingling (3-5 minutes) • To channel the Ss focus on countries

T will give the Ss paperslips with a different country written on them. T will ask the Ss to stand up and mingle around the class and try to describe the weather of that country to other Ss. Countries are: Turkey Alaska Spain Finland Brazilia South-Africa Iceland Mexico Japan China

Writing a postcard (7-10 minutes) • To practice writing skills and to describe weather

T will write "Salvina" on the WB and ask the Ss where is this country? The Ss will not know and the T will say nowhere since it's not a real country and T just made it up. T asks the Ss to make up a country of their own and write a postcard describing the weather of the country. T will emphasize that since it's their own (make-up) country there is no right or wrong and they can describe the weather they like the most.

Peer Error Correction (3-3 minutes) • To practice the TL through error correction

T will ask the Ss to swap their postcards and to correct if there are mistakes with the adjectives.

Post writing (2-3 minutes) • To read other Ss postcards

T will ask the written postcards from the Ss. T will put them on the walls and ask the Ss to go and read them. T will ask the Ss to choose country (from the postcards) that they would like to go/travel.

IF-Time Activity: Hot Seat (5-5 minutes) • To reinforce the previously learnt

T will divide the Ss into two groups. One Ss will sit his/her back turned againts the WB. T will write an adjective on the WB and other Ss of the group will try to explain the word for the Ss who is trying to guess it. The group who gets the correct word first earns a point.

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