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Present perfect conttinuous
intermediate level


In this lesson, students will intrduce and give practice in present perfect continuous & time expressions "since " & " for " through the context of life


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Main Aims

  • To introduce and give practice in present perfect continuous & time expressions

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide
  • Students will talk about themselves using the present perfect continuous


Warmer (5-7 minutes) • to break the ice

Ss make a circle and everyone clab the hand of his classmate who stand at his left and say his name then they start again and say the days of the week and if his turn is at the weekend he will be out of the game

Ex 1 (9-12 minutes) • to elicit the form of present perfect continuous

ask the Ss many CCQs to make them familier with the present perfect continuous and help them to know about the time line of the present perfect continuous and after that write the form on the WB then ask the Ss to change many sentances from positive to the negative drill a cuople of sentances for more pronunciation

Ex 2 (9-12 minutes) • To help The Ss using since and for

hold the rods and aske each students to choose one and to see the number on the rod . the ss wwho get the same number on the rod will set toghethr in the same group. give each group a set of the time expressions on small cards and befor they read the set T give them the instructions for the task and ask one or two Ss to repeet them after you give each group a set of cards with phrases that can be used either with ( since or for ) and ask them to write the answer on each card .

Ex 3 (9-12 minutes) • Ss will focus on accurancy & stative dynamic verbs

Ask the students to read the sentances in the EX 3 Ss in pairs try to find the mistakes and T checks the answers and asks them why the sentances are wrong T elicit the stative verbs that can't used in the continuous

Practice of the TL & FB (8-10 minutes) • Ss will start using the present perfect continuous effectively

Ss in groups of 3 will take the time expression phrases from the previous stage and arrange them in a circle on the desk. T till Ss that they will play a game and demo it Ss take turns after T , they throw the dice or the coin and they should make a sentence using the time expression they landed on about anything related to their own lives T monitor and checks answers T takes some FB about what Ss learnt about each other

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