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Red Nose Day
Grade 6b level


In this lesson, student are going to read a text about Red Nose Day in the UK and practice their Reading and speaking skills through the paragraph and some other exercises on the book.


Abc Eyes Open - Student's book page 15

Main Aims

  • To provide gist and scan reading practice using a text about RED NOSE DAY

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a group work activities in the context of charities


Warm-up (3-5 minutes) • To introduce the topic

Teacher writes the word "charity" on the board and elicits the meaning from Ss Also he can mention some local charities names in Ss country

Pre-reading ... Gist Reading (2-5 minutes) • reading for gist to get the main idea of the text

Ss are going to read the text and find out about the Red Nose Day and what happens in it and where it takes place.

While-reading ... Detailed reading (8-10 minutes) • to find out more details about RED NOSE DAY

SS read the text again and get more info and details about Red Nose Day in the UK and why people celebrate it and they answer the true false question in EXERCISE 3

Post-reading (8-10 minutes) • to learn the prefix un-

Ss look for the opposite of the word "usual" in the paragraph and learn that we use the prefix (un) before adjectives to get the opposite meaning

Productive Group work Activity (8-10 minutes) • to produce and create ideas about Charities

Ss are divided into 4 small groups by their teacher and try to come up with new ideas about charities or celebrations similar to the RED NOSE DAY and how they can help the poor around the world

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