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TP4a -- Writing -- Valdes 6-6
B2 - Upper Intermediate level


In this lesson, Ss practice writing opinion paragraphs about the future in the context of optimism or pessimism. The lesson is broadly divided in two stages: 1) activities that promote preparation and 2) authentic output. Ss consolidate idiomatic time-phrases related to the future through semi-controlled speaking practice then write opinion paragraphs, which they share with their peers at the end. They raise their awareness of some features of the writing process.


Abc M3 - Choose a topic
Abc M1 - Time Phrases
Abc M2 - Discussion Prompts
Abc M4 - Sample texts + writing paper

Main Aims

  • To give Ss practice in writing opinion paragraphs in the context of "what are you optimistic about?"

Subsidiary Aims

  • To extend Ss' awareness of future time phrases and let them practice them with future verb forms


Language focus (6-7 minutes) • To consolidate Ss facility with idiomatic time-phrases about the future

W/b has two columns, "soon" and "distant future", and Ss work in small groups to place 8 idiomatic time-phrases related to the future under their respective columns. Demo first two with two students at front of class reading one phrase each and w/c deciding which column they belong under. W/c, review Meaning of unclear phrases (identified while monitoring), Form of phrases (prepositions of time, idioms), and Pronunciation of select phrases.

Semi-controlled speaking practice (6-7 minutes) • To fluently use idiomatic time-phrases related to future in speech

In small groups, Ss take one discussion prompt from WB and return to group to read aloud and start discussion. Prompts ask for opinions about big or controversial ideas -- e.g., Will technology help us achieve world peace in the near future or is that just wishful thinking? -- and incorporate two time-phrases related to future. Ss are instructed to use time-phrases (still on WB from previous activity) when they speak. When they exhaust one topic, one S from group comes to front and retrieves new topic. Monitor for delayed FB at end of lesson re: time-phrase MFP.

Pre-writing: Choose a topic (5-6 minutes) • To practice first step in writing process, choosing a topic

Ss given HO to prompt brainstorm and time to think quietly and choose topic about which they have strong opinions - optimistic or pessimistic. Broad suggested categories are Your Life, Your City, and The World. Ss get in groups to discuss why they are optimistic/pessimistic about their topic and give examples and reasons.

Writing (15-18 minutes) • To raise Ss awareness of writing strategies and to write opinion paragraphs

Remind Ss of the texts they read in lesson 1. Have Ss look at texts and notice one feature of each - repetition of first, organization of ideas in second (i.e., presenting opposing view). Ss work alone to write their own paragraphs about the topic they chose in the previous stage. Monitor and give help as needed. If Ss finish quickly, do one round of peer-edits in pairs, then have Ss revise their paragraphs alone.

Feedback (6-8 minutes) • To let Ss review their writing and that of their peers, error correct, and evaluate opinions

Ss swap their texts and check for and correct any errors, helping each other in pairs. T monitors and helps as needed. Ss put their paragraphs on the walls, walking around and reading each others' texts. W/c discussion decides who made strong arguments; who was convinced by somebody's text; who is most optimistic

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