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Main Aims

  • Student should be able to write about the advantage and disadvantage of technology

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a group discussion in the context of Technology effects on our life


Lead in (5 minutes) • To get the interest of the student

Show a short video and let the student give their opinion on what they have seen

Before writing 1 (10 minutes) • To elicit new ideas and vocabulary concerning the target language

By using projector, students see a few pics showing some activities people have with technology. In groups, student talk about the pics and decide if they are advantage or disadvantage. Next, a new group of pics are displayed and again student decide their effect on our life.

Before writing 2 (6 minutes) • To explain the outline of an essay/ paragraph

To elicit from the student the main parts of a paragraph. To check the students understanding of these parts

Writing (10 minutes) • To write simple sentence and then connect them

Ask student to write simple sentences to describe each photo. Then have a separate paragraphs. One on the advantage of technology, the other on the disadvantage of it. After that I ask the students to try to use connecting words to make compound sentences and complex ones

After writing (6 minutes) • To get feedback

Select few students to read their paragraphs and have small group checking. Then Students have to share their work with others.

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