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TP3-Personal Possessions
A1(Beginner) level


In this lesson students will learn new vocabularies by use of realia.the teacher will practice its spelling, and pronunciation with them and they will drill it with asking the question"What is it?". After that they will Listen to a conversation between two people asking "Where's my ...?" and if there is time they will have a vocabulary game.


Abc "Straigtforward" Beginner Ss Book-U 4c
Abc flash cards
Abc word -drawing handout
Abc Spelling HO

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice of Vocabulary of personal possession

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification, review and practice of prsonal possession
  • To provide specific information listening practice using a text about "where is my personal possession?"


Vocabulary (12-15 minutes) • clarification and revew and practice words related to the personal possession.

In order to lead in, the teacher will pre-teach the key words with playing "what is in my bag ?" game. * the teacher will bring a bag full of every day object from this lesson and previous lessons ,like;keys, mobile phone , sun glasses, glasses,wallet, photograph ,... . She will place the bag at the front of the class on the table and pull out different objects and asks them :"What is it?" and will elicit and drill the words. *the teacher will plan the WB in a way that words with a go on the same column and also the words with an and plurals and non-counts go to the same column. * then the teacher will distribute a HO with the spelling of new words written on it and she will ask them to draw the picture of the words in front of their spelling.

Vocabulary (5-7 minutes) • focus on spelling and pronunciation

*the teacher will use flash cards of pictures and spelling of the new words and ask the students to match them on the board then, and they will drill it again. *she will bring show the bag to them again and will ask them to try to remember and write "what is in the bag?". the one who write more is the winner.

Listening exercise 1 (5-7 minutes) • listenig for specific details

in order to make the students' background knowledge for listening and activate their schemata, the teacher first shows the pictures of the Mark and Lee on pg.36 and ask them to guess about them, she asks "are they brothers?","are they friends?" , "Do they live together?" and them she tells them that they are friends and they live together , they are house friends or "housemates" and Lee wants to find something .Listen to the conversation and say what does he wants in every conversation? and then she gives demo for the first one and write the answer on the board then gives the papers to them and plays the rest of the conversation for them to answer.and then she monitors the who;e class, if they need to listen more she plays once more. and then asks the students to check with their partner and after that she gives the answers by playing and pausing the listening again.

listening exercise 2 (5-7 minutes) • listenig for specific details

Students should listen and match the items(bag, glasses and wallet) with A, B,or C which are the location of those items.this exercise is to make students familiar with the prepositions of the place. in order to clarify their job the teacher will draw the picture of the table and coat and chair on the board and will write the Letters A, B, C on the board as it is in the book on pg. 36 and then she gives demo to the students for the first part of the listening which is" B-bag" and and plays the listening and asks them to do the rest then she will give them time to check with their partners and then she plays the file once more and checks with the whole class.

Word rush game (5-7 minutes) • review and practice today's vocabulary

the teacher sticks the new words of today on the board and will group students into two groups of A and B.and then gives the instruction of the game and gives one demo and then asks them that A students stand in the first line , B students in the second line and then she shows the picture of the word to them they should run and catch the spelling and collect the words the group which collects more words is the winner.

Spelling HO- if time (4-6 minutes) • practice spelling of the new words

if we have time the teacher will give the this Ho which contains the Spelling of the new words with some letters missing and they will fill the gaps with appropriate letters.they will check it with the partner and the teacher will check and give feedback to them.

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