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Simple Present Wh- questions
Elementary level


In this lesson , students learn about simple present through Q&A activities . The lesson starts with a demonstration of the famous celebrity ( Sam Dane) to elicit all what they remember about him from the previous lesson. Followed by a listening task to introduce the students to Wh- questions . Then an activity where they learn how to form Wh- question . Last a series of activities where the students are allowed to practice the TL in pairs or groups.


Main Aims

  • Introduce simple present Wh-questions in the context of daily routines.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To be able to speak in the context of daily routines.


Lead-in (2-3 minutes) • To warm up and get the students ready for the topic of the day.

I will demonstrate the picture of the famous actor Sam Dane from the previous lesson . Students will tell all that they remember about him and his routine. Instructions(In case they forgot): a-What is his name? b-What does he do? c- When does he get up? d- When does he start work? e-When does he finish work) Students will listen to the recording in ex.7c and underline the questions they hear on the transcript of the recording.

Focus on TL. (4-5 minutes) • Eliciting the Wh-question meaning and form.

They will be divided into groups after the underline the questions they hear from the recording and pair check . After this, each group will have a different marker to underline on the board(WCFB) . I will introduce them to WH-questions by circling all the WH question words in the transcript. Then I give them a handout with the questions on plus 3 more questions from ex.8b. They will try to put them in the table . Then the teacher I will get the answers from them and write them on the board.(WCFB).

Controlled Practice (4-5 minutes) • To practice the TL.

Students will do ex.9A in a different way. They will be given scrambled questions which they will try to unscramble in groups. Each group will be given 2 questions. They will come to the board and put them in order 3 students at a time (WCFB). Then we do drilling to learn the correct pronunciation. In pairs, students will ask each others these questions and a few students will share their answers.

Mingle activity (3-4 minutes) • To practice speaking in the context of daily routines.

We play mingle game where the students walk around the class and ask each other's questions. They will use a table where they write the names of the students they asked and their answers. This game covers ex.10/11 p.23. I will ask a few students for their answers. (WCFB).

Info-Gap Activity (2-3 minutes) • To practice Wh-questions.

From the teacher's book p.143 (3A World Routines), students will be given forms that with some information about some people's daily routine. They will be divided into pairs (a/b). A asks B question and vice versa. Teacher will monitoring to correct mistakes.

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