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Teaching Practice 2b
Elementary, Face to Face, 3A (1_3) level


In this lesson, students will watch a movie about daily life, and have a discussion about what they saw in that movie. In addition students' knowledge will be checked and they will be asked to match the vocabularies with pictures on the board. They will learn Daily life vocabulary, they will do the exercises on the book and talk bout their every day life. Finally they are going to talk about different jobs, daily routine, and what time they do these activities.


Abc Face to Face Elementary level/ film/ picture

Main Aims

  • To provide scan and detailed reading practice using a text about daily life in the context of daily life( actor)

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of routine in the context of film and different jobs


TP 2b (4-8 minutes) • Reading and Vocabulary

1-The students will watch a comic short film and talk with their partner about what Mr Bean did in that film/ elicit/ repetition 2- Students will match the pictures on the board in a group of three. 30 Sec 3- they will repeat the vocabularies 4-they will mime the vocabularies in pair and their partner should guess what is that/ before that i will model for students/ 5- they will learn parts of day and finally match them with new vocabularies they have learned. 6- they will do the activity at the end of their book individually and check together. 7- they will have a discussion about their daily routines and good/ bad habits in group. and chose the best and the most interesting habit in their group. 8- students will talk for a short time about actors' life. is their life interesting? why? 9- they will look at picture and the teacher will ask them about what is his job? name? title? 10- the students will guess what time they will do their daily routines in group. 11- the students will read the text and answer 12- they will read again and answer the questions. T/F 13- They will talk bout different jobs and their daily routines.

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