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Wish (want and regret)
Intermediate level


In this lesson wish + simple past will be looked at to show present wish that is either impossible or less likely possible. Wish + past perfect to show past reget. The students will talk about their own present wishes and past regret during the session. The text from the course book also talks about similar life experiences and regrets.


Abc PPT desined by me (Photos from Google images)
Abc Lathem-Kong, C. & Oxenden, C., English File Student Book 3rd Edition, Oxford Press

Main Aims

  • Integrated skills
  • Integrated skills (Reading and speaking)

Subsidiary Aims

  • Grammar


Warmer • Speaking

There are few related photos which the students will make connect between. For eg. a photo of a crying boy, homeless man, a photo of someone who is in a state of regret another photo attached to it which represents broken marriage and leaving a child behind after a divorce . The students will be asked to talk about this persons regret.

Present (3 minutes) • Reading

Read the text about regrets we might have had. The teacher asks oral questions about it to elicit the purpose of the article. True or False On avarage people spend 44 min. a week thinking what they could or should do differently. They mostly regret about where they should have spent their holidays. Half of the people believed that they had learnt from their mistakes. One of the most comnon regret is not getting on the property ladder.

Practise • HO practise from the coursebook and PPT
Produce • Speaking

Students are paired and asked to talk to their peers about their own their own regrets. Can you spot your own regret that is common in the text to all? Or Do you have different regrets ? If so what ....

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