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A2 level


In this lesson ss will learn shop names, for example, Electronic store and Butcher's . . . , and what kind of things or products are sold in the shops.


Abc cut-ups
Abc Power Point
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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of store / shop names in the context of shopping

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy in pronunciation and asking the questions, 'do you have . . .' and 'how much does it cost' / 'how much do they cost'


Part 1 Lead-In (5-5 minutes) • Provide context and personalization

OHP WITH SLIDE OF SHOPPING CENTER T-WC "Do you like to go shopping" "Why / Why Not?" "Is there a big shopping center in Izmir?" "Do you like shopping there?" "Why / Why not?"

Part 2 (10-12 minutes) • Presentation / Eliciting: store / shop types. Pronunciation / Stress: butcher's, electronic

T uses OHP for PowerPoint pictures T elicits vocabulary from questions listed on individual slides T writes the words on the WB T-WC practice pronunciation T-WC "where's the stress" T writes the symbol above the stressed vowel T-WC T explains the 's in Butcher's and Baker's is a substitution for shop T-WC explains "in American English a shop is small and a store is usually big"

Part 3 (5-6 minutes) • Concept Checking

T uses pictures on PowerPoint and ask's, e.g. "Where do you buy a football shirt?" AT SLIDE 10 (tennis shoes) REMIND SS 2 OR MORE = "How much DO THEY cost?" AT SLIDE 11 (Flat screen T.V.) 1 = "How much DOES IT cost?" At last slide, as an intro to Controlled Practice T drills "How much does it cost?" COST / DOES IT COST / HOW MUCH DOES IT COST COST/ DO THEY COST/ HOW MUCH DO THEY COST

Part 4 (12-14 minutes) • Controlled Practice

GROUP STUDENTS IN A & B (Aylin with Riza) T-WC "Sales people greet customers by asking, 'can I help you?' For example, Ecem works at a pharmacy and when I walk in she asks me, GESTURE FOR ECEM TO ANSWER TELL SS WHICH GROUP THEY ARE (A or B) "I want you to take 2 slips and in your groups, decide how much money you can spend." For example, "My slip says, 'vitamins' and I can spend 30TL." TAKE 1 MINUTE WRITE DIALOGUE ON WB ICQ THAT SS KNOW WHICH GROUP THEY ARE IN "Now I want you to take turns asking each other the questions in the dialogue." For example, USE WB AND GESTURE FOR SS TO SPEAK THE DIALOGUE "Aylin asks Aylint, 'can I help you?'" "Aylint asks Aylin, 'do you have any . . .?' POINT TO AYLIN'TS SLIP FOR HER TO REFERENCE and 'how much does it / do they cost.'" (7 OR LESS MINUTES) MONITOR AND TAKE NOTES FOR PRONUNCIATION AND COLLOCATION NOW CHANGE ROLES "You are group A and you are group B." (6 OR LESS MINUTES) FEEDBACK

Part 5 (5-8 minutes) • Free Practice

GESTURE SS TO FORM A CIRCLE HAND OUT ORANGE SLIPS "Tell each other what things are sold in each store." For example, "Laptop computers are sold in Electronic stores." EXCHANGE SLIPS IF EXTRA TIME MONITOR FEEDBACK

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