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reading lesson plan
Intermediate, grade6 level


in this lesson students will practice their skimming and scanning skill .. and will learn the words that will affect their understanding to the text ( blocking words ), and will improve their reading skill by jigsaw reading.


Abc pictures , audio and flash cards

Main Aims

  • 1- practice skimming and scanning skills in reading .
  • To provide gist, detailed and scan reading practice using a text about not the best interview i've ever had . in the context of job

Subsidiary Aims

  • introducing the students some blocking words such as (embarrassed,interview,job,room and fortunately ) through some pictures and flash cards.


warm up (5-8 minutes) • lead in

setting the text and engage the students in the activities .. i will talk about my first interview in an international school and i will tell them how i was nervous and tell them funny situation .. and put a funny video for 2 minutes ..

pre- reading stage (10-15 minutes) • preparing the students for the text and making it much more understandable for the students through teaching the blocking words .

1- i will use some pictures and put them on the board with the definitions that including the implied meaning of the blocking words . 2- then, i will tell the students to stand up and guess the meaning and match the definition to the appropriate pictures . 3 - after checking the matching part with the blocking words, i will put some examples on the board and will tell the students to match the definition to the suitable examples. 4- at the last stage of the pre-reading i will teach the pronunciation of the blocking words and have the students repeat the pronunciation of the words .

lead in activity (3-5 minutes) • to generate interest and a desire to read the text

i will show them the questions and ask them to work in groups (task before text )

gist task (3-5 minutes) • students will listen to the whole recording .

in this stage i will put the audio of the task and the students will listen the whole recording to get the general idea .. then i will put the recording in parts and ask referential questions ..

skimming (7-10 minutes) • initial - gist task 2

in this stage students will practice and develop their ability to skim a text .. and they will read the text quickly for overall understanding ..

while reading (3-5 minutes) • scanning for specific informations

students will read the text quickly to scan the text and answer the questions

while reading (9-12 minutes) • reading for detailed and jigsaw reading

in this stage i will use jigsaw reading and will make 3 groups,each group has 4 students, in the text there are 4 characters (laura,dan,andy and ellie ) i will make each student represent a different character and read the story that related to each character . then i will give them 5 minutes for speaking and discussion the stories .

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