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TP 2
pre-intermediate level


in this class sts will develop the skill of reading.The lesson will start from introducing the word millionaire through Turkish millionaires. Then the questions about money will follow. In the next activity sts are told to relate pictures to the title of the text. The pre-reading stage requires to find out the relation of the title to the text.While reading stage is aimed at intensive reading for more details and discovering new vocabulary. At the end sts review new vocab through a game.


Main Aims

  • To develop the skills of gist and intensive reading

Subsidiary Aims

  • The sub aim of the lesson is to introduce and practice money-related vocabulary


Lead-in • to introduce the word "miilionaire" and discuss the concept through some questions

Teacher shows the pictures of 2 Turkish millionaires (Ibrahim Ali Agaoglu and Rahmli Koc- industrial milionaires) on WB and asks students who the people are and to discuss in pairs the similarity between them.Teacher listens to discussions to note which of the sts will be able to a minute teacher gets feedback from sts and elicits the word "millionaire". Then colored cards with questions from the text are given to students. In pairs they discuss them. Teacher gets feedback from sts about what their partner thinks on this topic

Pre-reading (3-5 minutes) • to set the context

The class is divided in 2 groups.Teacher asks sts to answer the questions on the board "How many pictres and how many parts does the title have?why is this so? Do you think the word "generous" is positive or negative?Sts discuss the questions with their groups of 3-4 people. Then give their fb to the teacher,The meaning of the word is clarified through a situation. Teacher demontrates giving money to someone so they guess what kind of person is "generous". Then sts are asked to briefly read the text in 3 min in order to check if they were right or wrong and discuss it with their group. Teachers asks feedback.

while-reading (5-10 minutes) • to understand text better and be able answer questions about content

Teachers gives instructions to students to read the text for 5 min and in groups of 3-4 to discuss the questions on WB: why are these people called the good, the bad and the extremely generous? which of them do you feel sorry for?(this question is supported by a drawing of a happy and happy face to help sts understand the meaning of it)At the same time, sts underline new words connected with money. While sts are performing the task the teacher is taking notes about how well everyone is coping. In the FB sts answer questions and present one another`s opinion.Teacher makes observes to see who could answer the question.

post-reading (3-5 minutes) • to review money-related lexis

Teacher asks sts which words were underlined while reading. Then sts work in two teams to match 7 words from the text with their definitions. Sts are given strips of paper with the target vocab and definitions of different colors. The team with the higher number of correct answers wins the game.If there is enough time, teacher takes more detailed focus on words,ie drills pronunciation of the words and writes parts of speech and other details on WB

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