Zahra asghari Zahra asghari

Abilities & permission using can
Elementary level


In this lesson as are going to learn grammar ( can ,cannot) through examples that I will show them with PowerPoint then they will make their own sentences about their abilities & disabilities


Abc Powerpoint

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification .abilities & permission

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide product.writing about their abilities and disabilities


Family friend 2 (30-30 minutes) • Grammar

In this lesson the students are going to learn the grammar I am going to teach them in different situations they can use Can When they want to speak about abilities and permission By using the power point and showing them the pictures and reading the sentences they know how to use it in sentence I’m going to teach them the structure Sub + can +simple verb Then I will speak about negative and question form They should make some sentences and having the group work , I will give them the homework they should do them if they have mistake I will correct them . They olso work on Pronunciation Of negative form (Contraction form of negative) At the end they can be able to write about their abilities and disabilities and work on group

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