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Intermediate level


In this lesson, Ss learn about the modals of speculation with the help of different practices and speaking activities through PPP in the context of mysteries.The lesson starts with a matching game where Ss match the most related headline with a few sentences.This is followed by grammar presentation for the modals of speculation in past time.After that, Ss practise these structures through the story in matching game and a semi-controlled practice.Finally, there is a freer speaking practice about solving 2 mysteries.


Abc Glue Pads
Abc Key phrase HOs
Abc HOs for headlines and sentences
Abc HOs for misterious questions
Abc tracks- 2/26,27,28,29
Abc HOs for misteries

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice of modals of speculation in the past in the context of mysteries

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide accuracy speaking practice in a conversation in the context of mysteries


Stage 1 (lead in) (5-6 minutes) • to set the context of the lesson and to activate Ss' schemata

1)Set the time for 45' 2)Open the theme music 3) Greet the Ss and ask if they know this mucis(Sherlock Holmes).Explain that for this lesson they are detectives like Sherlock and they will some msyteries. 4)Elicit the meaning of 'mystery' , drill and write the word with part of speech in vocabulary part of the W/B. 5) Ask the Ss about their weekend and try to make comments with modal of speculations. 6)Use your body language to show that you are making guess after their sentences or you can use their appearance like red, sleepy eyes to modal the speculations. 7)Tell Ss that they have found 4 newpaper headlines and 6 sentences under the table.(before the lesson stick them under the tables in the classroom). 8) Ask Ss to choose the best headline for these 6 sentences about a mystery. 9)Pair check -WGFB 10)Praise the Ss

Stage 2 (grammar) (18-20 minutes) • to develop language system of Ss by grammar and teach Ss how to speculate about the past time focusing on modals of speculation in past time

1) elicit the time of this news(in the past) 2) Explain Ss that to make guesses about the past we use past modals(reminds the sentences of you in lead-in stage) 3)Draw a vertical line on the W/B. 4)Try to elicit the modals of speculation in present or future time reminding the previous lesson. 5)Use the following CCQs and form the following chart step by step on the W/B. CCQs:-Did this event happen in the past? (yes) -Do I know the real/exact event? (no) -I made a guess about present or past time? (past) -If ı am almost sure, I use a)might b)may c)could d)can't? (can't or couldn't) -I should add -------- after modal verbs. (have) -Can ı add 'has' ? (no) -After 'have', I need a verb in base/past simple or past participle form? (past participle) -Past parciple means v1,v2 or v3? (v3) Chart: 6)Give the HOs for key phrases to Ss and ask them to come to board and stick them on the timeline. 7)Ask Ss to go back to 6 sentences again and try to rewrite them with the past modals on the board. Warn them to be carefull about the keywords for level of certainty. 8) Pair Check them WGFB for error correction 9) Let the Ss listen what really happened so play the track 2.27. 10) Praise the Ss who made correct guesses.

Stage 3(reinforcement) (4-5 minutes) • To reinforce the modals of speculation in past time use with semi-controlled practice in the same context

1)Explain Ss that now they will make guesses about items. 2) Ask them to choose the best option according to key phrases on the board. 3)Give past modal HOs and tell Ss that they will work alone in 3 minutes. 4)ICQs 5)First Pair Check then WGFB

Stage 4(production-speaking) (13-14 minutes) • To make Ss practice the new grammar subject in a productive skill based exercise(speaking)

1) Stick the key pictures on the walls(each on different) 2)Divide Ss into 2 group and decide group A by tossing a coin. (Group A -head Group B-tail) 3)Send Ss to the walls and explain that each group will sove a different mystery. 4) On the HOs, there are full stories with some key pictures. 5) Explain that Group A will go to Wall B and look at the pictures. 6)Then they will write 8 statements about the pictures using past modals for speculation and one of them will go to group B and read the statement. 7) Group B can only say YES/SORT OF/NO/ NOT EXACTLY for the statements according to the story on the HOs. 8) Each group has only 5 minutes to write and check the statements. 9)After Group A explains the story according to their guesses someone from Group B will read the exact story. 10) They will do the same things for group B 11) While the groups are discussing take notes for error correction 12)WGFB and praises.

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