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expressing opinion
Beginner level


İn this lesson the students will learn about the use of some adjectives from the weak form like Good or bad to the strong form like Perfect or awful in addition to the expressions of Opinion ,Students will learn how to express their point of vue about something they like or they don't like .Concerning Grammar , we will deal with some objective pronouns and students will have a variety of exercises in order to practice the Target language .


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Main Aims

  • To provide practice of opinons in the context of daily life

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide clarification of object pronouns in the context of daily life


Pre-Teaching vocabulary (3-5 minutes) • warmer

i will Talk about my own plan for the weekend and i will express my opinion about the food am going to eat and the activity am going to do and ask the students about their opinion about my plan or if they have any other suggestions for me .Besides i will elicit some adjectives like bad - awful -great using MFP method .

Vocabulary (5-10 minutes) • Reading for specific details

i will hang some emoji pictures on the board organised from the weak form to the strong form with writing the percentage of its strength . then we will form examples and i will give the Students pieces of paper where they can find names of singer or food or sport which they will discuss their opinion about it in pairs ( whether its great or awful ) and they will stick them under the right emoji .

Pronounciation (2-4 minutes)

students will listen and repean to some adjectives of opinion

listening (1-3 minutes) • Gist-listening

i will give the students a piece of paper where they have to choose the topic of each conversation , then the students will listen to the audio one time then check their answers in Pairs .

listening (2-4 minutes) • listening for specific details

The students will listen for the second time and do the exercise of selecting the right option

Grammar (3-5 minutes) • introducing the target language

Students will have a text full of repetition , they will feel that there is something wrong we will remove them so that they will understand the purpose of the use of object pronouns .

Gramamr (3-5 minutes) • clarification

learners will have a matching exercise about the object pronouns . they have to do it individually then they will make peer-checking .

Grammar (3-5 minutes) • practice

i will stick some object pronouns on the board and i will give the students pieces pf paper where some sentences are written . they have to stick each sentences under the appropriate object .

Speaking (5-7 minutes) • conversation

the learners will have to express their opinion concerning things from every day life like the food the tv program .they will be divided into 2 groups and they will exchange their papers .each group will have the paper of the other group and they will ask each others about their opinion

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