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reading for gist
Elementary level


in this lesson Ss practice scanning and skimming (both for reading and listening). They review Voc for everyday activities and restaurant.


Main Aims

  • To provide gist listening practice using a text about whose day is more stressful in the context of everyday activities, restaurants

Subsidiary Aims

  • to review Voc for everyday activities & restaurant related words. to practice listening for specific information.


stage 1 (lead in) • to elicit some adjectives

by showing some photos and elicit different adjectives

stage 2 • reading to get the gist of the text

at this stage ss will be given 2 min to go through the text and find out how Nico feel by the end of the day

stage 3 • read to get the gist

ss will go over the text again and try to guess the meaning of the highlighted words then in pairs they will check their answers and in the end I get the whole class feedback.

stage 4 • reading for gist and speaking

in 2 groups (A & B) they read the text and try to find the answer to questions (later they will have the answer key before the pair up part) then they will pair up (A+B) to ask and answer the questions.

stage 5 • listening for gist

ss will listen to a conversation and will try to fill in the gaps (listening for specific details) before w/c feedback they will listen again and check in pairs. the answers will be written on the WB by a volunteer student.

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