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Teaching practice 1
Beginner level


In this lesson, Students (Ss) will improve their speaking and reading skills. The lesson will start with learning jobs and then they will do a matching exercise. After that, they will focus on emergency jobs and read a text about emergency workers, also they will do another matching exercise. Then Ss will complete a chart which will show their understanding of the text. Finally, they will do a speaking activity about jobs. If we have enough time, we will play a game with the "Flash Cards".


Abc Flash Cards
Abc Matching
Abc Reading, Matching and Completing a chart

Main Aims

  • To introduce and give practice in the lexical set of jobs.

Subsidiary Aims

  • reading and speaking about jobs


Warm-up (4-5 minutes) • to draw students' attention

I will ask them a question first. "Do you remember what my job is?" Then ask to your friend "what is your job?"

Lead-in (9-10 minutes) • Leaning new vocabulary

I will show them some pictures and ask them some questions about the pictures. (What's his/her job?) Then, I will give them handouts to match the jobs with the pictures. (PW)

Emergency workers (4-5 minutes) • learning the meaning of emergency and emergency jobs

to explain what emergency is, I will write Turkey's emergency numbers on the board and ask them "what are these numbers for?" and let them find the emergency workers from the flash cards.

Reading (8-10 minutes) • to improve their reading and understanding of a text

First, I will choose some of the students to read the sentences loudly and let them to match people with the photos. Then ask students to complete the chart according to the text.

Speaking activity (4-5 minutes) • to be able to ask about people's jobs

let them work as a group and ask these questions to their friends (What's your sister's/brother's job?, What's your father's/mother's job?)

Game with Flash cards (6-7 minutes) • to be able to remember the vocabulary

I will choose a person and show him/her the flashcards quickly and let him to tell me the jobs fast (they should be careful not to tell wrong jobs, if a person tell a wrong job, I will move on to another person)

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