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A tale of two cities
upper intermediate,B2 level


In this lesson SS are going to read about two cities of Australia. SS first are introduced with two large cities in Australia, then they are going to read about some features of these two cities. At the end, SS are going to answer some detailed questions and some freer activities for speaking to improve their speaking skill.


Abc hand outs, marker, WB

Main Aims

  • To provide gist, scan and detailed reading practice using a text about Two cities in Australia in the context of city characteristics such as, beauty, size, location,etc

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency and accuracy speaking practice in a Discussion in the context of life in foreign countries


stage1: Lead in (2-4 minutes) • To activate Ss' existing knowledge of the topic

T- asks Ss' idea about foreign countries specifically Australia. SS- tell their opinions and share with each other. T- elicit some vocabularies that ss may have some problems.

Stage 2: reading for gist (4-6 minutes) • Encourage SS to rad for general understanding

T- gives hand outs to SS T- writes a general question on the board T- asks ss to read quickly a text and tell the main idea of the text SS- share their ideas about main idea of the text SS- answer to the question written on the board

stage 3: reading for specific information (8-12 minutes) • To familiarize learners with the text

T- forms SS into two groups T- asks SS to read the text carefully and answer to questions below the text for specific information SS- work in a group and answer to questions SS- come to the board and write the answers T- writes a question for each group on the board SS- answers to their own question within a group

stage 4: post reading (3-5 minutes) • to practice for detailed comprehension

T- asks SS to underline the problematic vocabularies T- asks SS to discuss about these vocabularies inside their group and ask help from their team mate. SS- work with in a group to elicit the words. T- explain individually if needed.

stage 5: freer activity (5-10 minutes) • to improve speaking skill

T- asks SS a question about living in foreign country SS- share their answers with WC. T- asks SS to read questions written on their hand outs SS- work in a group and discuss their answers with in their groups.

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