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Main Aims

  • Vocabulary - Nationalities
  • Grammar - be (singular) negative and positive
  • vocabulary - jobs

Subsidiary Aims

  • to practice listening for specific information
  • to practice speaking using 'be' in the context of jobs and nationalities


vocabulary memory game (10-12 minutes) • to practice / review vocabulary

Show vocab pictures first to activate memory. Review plural forms. Give pairs a set of cards, set up demo on a table. small cards in two columns, big cards in two columns.

ex 1a, 1b (8-10 minutes) • complete the gap fill and matching exercises

Elicit vowels from the students, write on WB. A: "Put the vowels in the gaps to spell the country" do first several examples together. B: Explain nationality. WB: I am from america, I am american. You are from turkey, you are turkish. "Match countries and nationalities" check in pairs.

nationalities drilling (4-5 minutes) • to practice pronunciation of nationalities

Drill countries and nationalities together, emphasize stressed syllables, mark patterns on WB. quiz students by country.

nationalities intonations HO (5-6 minutes) • to practice stress / pronunciation of nationalities

Model stress of each pattern, "mmm MMMM" Distribute HO and have students complete in pairs. Monitor closely and have students say problematic countries out loud.

countries quizing (4-5 minutes) • to vocabulary and speaking

close books. student 1 says a country. student two says a nationality. switch.

Gap Fill 4a (3-4 minutes) • to use nationalities correctly, to listen for specific information.

guess the nationalities for A-D. "Listen and check"

Names and nationalities mingle (10-12 minutes) • to practice speaking using nationalities


Grammar: be (singular) positive (3-4 minutes) • to introduce be

HO - guided discovery. Have students complete the TOP HALF of the gap fill. Check in pairs

Speaking practice - ex. 5 (3-4 minutes) • to practice pronunciation of nationalities / contractions

listen then say.

Gap fill ex. 6a, b- 'be' practice (5-6 minutes) • to practice positive forms of be

A. "gap fill". Check in pairs. B. Match sentences with pictures. Check in pairs.

Be (negative) introduction. (2-2 minutes) • introduce negative forms of be.

"Ali Can, are you american?" WB. No, I ___ ____ American. " Is Colin Turkish?" WB. No, he ___ _____ Turkish.

Grammar: be (singular) negative (3-4 minutes) • to introduce negative forms of be

bottom half of HO. Do right column first, then left column. Check in pairs.

speaking practice - ex. 8 (3-4 minutes) • practice pronunciation and use of contractions

Listen then say.

true or false - ex 9. (8-10 minutes) • identify true or false, write true sentences.

explain capital city "ankara, turkey" "Washington DC, America" "Moscow, Russia" "Paris, France" "Athens, Greece" explain singer with gestures, Tarkan explain brands: Turkcell, digiturk, koc, sabanci, coca cola, Mercedes

vocabulary - jobs / occupations, ex 1a (10-12 minutes) • to introduce job vocabulary

"What is your job, what is your occupation?" Projector: page 16 occupations image. Elicit job names. Complete matching exercise 1a

speaking practice 1b, c (8-9 minutes) • practice pronunciation of jobs

B. listen then say. C. students ask " whats his / her job / occupation" "he / she is a ____"

vocabulary quiz race (10-12 minutes) • To practice vocabulary


New Identities Mingle (10-12 minutes) • to practice speaking


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