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Name: Samira Aghayeva 10/08/2015/ TP 2b Family members
Beginner level


In this lesson, I will review vocabulary related to family members and the practice of possessive s, which will help the students to enhance their productive and receptive skills. The students will work through various activities and controlled practice where they will talk about their family members, complete the grid and swap information with their partner.


Main Aims

  • • To practice semi-controlled speaking in the context of talking about families

Subsidiary Aims

  • • To review vocabulary related to family members,to review and practise possessive s


Warmer/Lead-in (2-3 minutes) • To review the previous lesson

-I will write the lesson topic on the WB and draw a grid. - In the section of names I will write the names of my family members and get the sts to ask me questions about their age, job etc. e.g. -Who is -----------? -What's his/her job? -What's his/her age? - As an example,I will complete 2 or 3 sections to make it clear for the students. - I will also focus on the word retired, how to pronounce it correctly and what it means , because it will be used in the section of job

Controlled speaking practice (1) (10-17 minutes) • To expose ST to speak and exchange personal information using family vocabulary and possessive pronoun

- I will fold the part of a grid where there will be Who?, married, age and job sections and will have the sts write down only the names of their family members. - After I will show the sts their partner and when they fill in the section, I will get them to give their cards to him/her. -The sts will unfold their cards to get extra information to complete the task. –They will ask and answer their partner’s questions: e.g. Who's Tural? What's his age? Is he married? What's his job? - Before they start their dialogue, I will use a strong student to give clear instructions and to make an approach to the task easier and more understandable to the sts -I will monitor and listen to the correct and incorrect language and after they finish, I will present the sentences on the WB.

Controlled speaking practice (2) (10-17 minutes) • To practice possessive nouns

-I will mix up the sts and in this activity they will have a new partner -The sts will tell their partner about the previous partner’s family e.g Elif is Habibe’s daughter.She's 25. She's a doctor. She's married. -This task requires the sts to use the possessive s correctly -Before the practice I will use an example or demo to be sure about their comprehension. -I will monitor and listen to the correct and incorrect language and after they finish, I will present the sentences on the WB.

Grammar focus (4-5 minutes) • To review possessive

I assume I will have extra time left till the end of the lesson, if so, the students will do the grammar exercise related to is and 's to check their comprehension. - Before handing out, i will explain what they should do and how to write their answers by using some examples on the WB.

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