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Copy of 7B - Entertainment - Going Out & Staying In
Level 4 level


In this lesson, students discuss entertainment and differentiate between 'going out ' and 'staying in'. The grammar focus is verb patterns (inf, to+ inf, verb+-ing) The lesson starts with examples of live entertainment with an emphasis on vocabulary building. Next, is a listening activity where Ss mark T or F regarding a story about interactive theatre. Then Ss are given the opportunity to discuss feelings and offer opinions through practice of verb patterns. There is then an interactive Q & A Survey to encourage listening and speaking. Finally, a group activity where Ss plan either a Perfect Night In or Night Out and present it to the whole class.


Abc 'Perfect Night' Task Sheet
Abc Q & A Survey

Main Aims

  • Ss learn and practise vocabulary in the context of Entertainment

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking practice in a Q and A and Presentation in the context of entertainment


Lead In (10 minutes) • To introduce the topic of Entertainment

Show 2 short YouTube Videos 1. Sporting event 2. Music Concert - elicit 'live entertainment' Q. What are the disadvantages and advantages of seeing such entertainment live instead of on TV?

Vocabulary - Live Entertainment (20 minutes) • Ss learn vocabulary related to Live Entertainment

SB - P. 68 1 b) c) d) Pronunciation - T. drills vocabulary NOTE: Same spelling but different pronunciation LIVE concert>I LIVE in Istanbul We sat in the front ROW>After the concert we had a ROW

Language Use (20 minutes) • Ss use the vocabulary to talk about a live event he/she went to

T. writes prompts on the WB - Live Event - concert, sport, play - What, tickets, queues, seats, food & drink, who you went with, like ot or not like it? Pairwork > WC

Listening (15 minutes) • Ss practise listening skills

SB P. 69 - 'Sleep No More' - interactive theatre 1. Ss listen and number the photos 2. Ss listen again and mark T or F WC - Would you like to attend such a performance? Have you ever seen anything similar?

Grammar - Verb patterns - Infinitive, 'to' + Infinitive, verb + -ing (20 minutes) • Ss practise grammar

T writes some examples on WB 1. VERB + INF - afford, agree, choose, decide, forget, learn, offer, remember, try, would like 2. VERB + gerund (-ing) - like, dislike, hate, enjoy, prefer, imagine, mind, miss, practise, recommend, spend, stop 3. VERB + object + infinitive with 'to' - advise (me to pay). allow (us to leave). need (you to listen). order (him to sit). tell (them to stop) *****NOTE: 4. VERB + Infinitive without to - AFTER MODAL VERBS - We CAN'T BUY tickets now. - We MIGHT GO later. - You SHOULDN'T DRINK so much coffee! *********************Activity - TB 7B Grammar W/S Verb Patterns

Vocabulary 2 - Staying In (15 minutes) • Ss define 'staying in' and discuss examples using I like/ I hate

T. writes 'Going out' and 'Staying in' on WB - elicits meaning of 'staying in' and asks WC to give examples - boardgames or role play games / DVDs or TV shows / cooking / take away / listen to music / talk chat / online games - PLAYING, WATCHING, COOKING, HAVING, GETTING, LISTENING Pairs - Discuss with your partner which you prefer. Why?

Speaking 1 (20 minutes) • Ss practise speaking skills

ACTIVITY 1 - 'Live Entertainment' SURVEY W/S - T. shows 5 Q. Survey W/S to WC. - T. provides instructions - Each student must ask the questions to 2 different students in the room . Ss must write the names of interviewees and 1 or 2 word answers in the boxes provided on the W/S - T. models first Q with a student - T. states and checks - i)ENGLISH ONLY, ii) 15 MINS, iii) ALL Ss stand up & move around the room and do Q & A ***********After 15 mins, T. tells Ss to sit down. - T. starts by asking S1 Q1. Then 'in pass the ball fashion', S1 asks S2 Q2 etc until all 5 Qs answered.

Writing and Speaking Presentation (30 minutes) • Ss practise speaking skills for fluency and accuracy (incl delivery and relevance of ideas)

T. writes 'The Perfect Night In' OR 'The Perfect Night Out' on the W/B T. writes birthday party surprise? etc. T. writes What? Who? Activities/ Food? etc. T. writes RULES - i) ENGLISH ONLY!!!!!!! ii) PART 1 - Group Write the PARTY PLAN - 15 MINUTES iii) PART 2 - Group Speaking PRESENTATION - 3 MINUTES each group T. forms 4 groups and hands each group their task sheet. (& each 1000 TL fake money!!!) *************POST ACTIVITY - Ss vote for the 'BEST NIGHT OUT!!!!!!'

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