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TP 4
Upper-Intermediate level


In this lesson, the students are introduced to the functional language of explaining reasons in the context of phobias. The lesson starts with a picture of a woman who has had a lot cosmetic operations. The students will try to explain the reasons why she has had so many operations. The lesson continues with a few controlled practices on the use of these functional exponents and finally lead to a semi-controlled speaking activity.


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Main Aims

  • to introduce the students to the functional exponents "in order to", "so that", "in case", and "otherwise" so that they can use them to explain reasons for a given action

Subsidiary Aims

  • to provide students with a speaking activity to give them a chance to practice the target language in a rather meaningful way


Lead-in (5-6 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

--The teacher starts talking about phobias and asks the students if they have any kind of phobia. The teacher, then, shows a picture in order to brainstorm the students. He has the students discuss what they see in the picture in groups for 2 minutes.

Language Focus (6-7 minutes) • To have the students focus on the target language and help them discover it

--The teacher elicits some answers from the students and then shows a few sentences about the pictures with gaps and tries to have the students guess what should go in each blank.

Presentation (5-6 minutes) • to teach the target language ( in this case functional language )

--The teacher teaches the functional language for explaining reasons.

Controlled Practice (12-16 minutes) • To give the students a chance to practice the target language they have just been introduced to

--The teacher gives a gap-fill handout to the students and have them do the activity in pairs. When finished with it, they can walk around the class and share their answers with other students. --The students are put in groups of four or five by the teacher. Each groups is provided with pieces of paper on which there are some clauses as well as purpose conjunctives. The teacher has the groups take part in a race and try to make as many sentence as they can and put them on the board. The group with the largest number of sentence within the specified time will win the race. The teacher will set 3 minutes for this activity. --If time allows and the students need more practice, the teacher puts the students in groups and asks one student to produce a sentence in the target language; the other members of the group are supposed to say the same sentence using another form but with same meaning. This activity can take up to four minutes.

Semi-Controlled Speaking Practice (8-9 minutes) • To give extra speaking chance with the target language

--The teacher has the students discuss their phobias and fears in groups of five. The teacher may provide the students with a few discussion questions through which the students will probably use the target language.

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