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Hossein Zakeri, past simple
Elementary level


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of past simple negative and question in the context of past events

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide specific information listening practice using a text about good old days in the context of past events


Lead-in/building context (6-8 minutes) • To generate interest in the topic of the listening

1. With showing photos of Ford logo, I will try to engage the students in the topic by asking who is the founder of Ford corporation (showing photos of Henry Ford) and trying to show that it happened in the 20th century. 2. After that moving on to the Einstein and since they are already familiar with him from the lesson that Faride did on Friday, I will quickly move on to the World War and again by showing some photos I will try to convey that it happened in the past and specifically in the 20th century. 3. in this stage, the meaning of ago will be taught in the class by asking the questions like when did the second world war end? and when they answer, try to elicit the word ago (i.e the Ss say it Ended in 1944 so how many years?? about 80 years (pointing with my thumb to the past)??? Ago 4. Here there will be some CCQs on the meaning of such as when did you eat breakfast? at 8 o'clock. so it is 4 hours....??? ago 5. Then the students will make groups of 3 and the HO1 of a quiz will be given to them and then they will do that in 2 minutes. 6. At the end of this stage, they will listen to the T7.1 and the answers are going to show up on the board using the projector.

Listening task (6-7 minutes) • To introduce the Questions and negative forms of past simple

1. The pictures of the Tommy (the grandson) and Bill (the grandpa) will show up on the board using the projector and I will ask Who are they? what is their relationship? what do you they are talking about? 2. Here the word of housework might be confused with homework. So to clarify I will ask is housework and homework the same? no Then I will give some examples of housework such as: Is washing the dishes a housework? yes 3. This will pick their interest and they will look for the answer while listening to T7.2. Then the topics will appear on the board, one by one, using the project again. This time using a WCFB I will ask whether they talked about that topic or not ( i.e did they talk about programmes on TV?) after the feedback, if the answer is yes, a thick will show up in the box next to it, otherwise a cross will appear.

Highlighting target language (10-12 minutes) • To highlight the target language by doing the ex 2&3 on p55

1. At this stage, they will listen to the listening again. This time they will have the HO2 of ex2 to fill in the gaps and then check their answers in pairs. I will ask ICQs here such as: will you answer the questions? no will you fill the blanks? Yes who is Bill? the granddad who is Tommy? the grandson After a WCFB on the board using the projector, I will highlight the question form of past simple using the same questions. Here I will write the form in this way: wh-....I/You/he/she/they/it/we....? asking the Ss to fill the gaps (WC)

Clarifying target language (6-7 minutes) • To highlight the form of past simple negative

1. Here Ss will get HO3 and in pairs, they will try to do ex3 on p55. If they cant remember I will play the audio file again. 2. Here I will highlight that all the answers are in negative so they should write negative sentences here. 3. at this stage I will try to elicit the form of the Negative and question of simple past from the students using the sample sentences on the board. 4. Then a WCFB will wrap up this stage quickly.

language practice (6-8 minutes) • To provide controlled practice

1. Here I will make new pairs so that Ss have different partners and HO4 will be given to them to work them out (put the verbs in the correct order) and ask and answer the questions with their partners. 2. I will be monitoring the activity by walking around and trying to hear the errors if possible and then have a delayed error correcting. For the feedback, I will ask a couple of the Ss to report in their partners' answers.

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