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Speaking about places to visit lesson
Elementary level


In this lesson the students will learn practice speaking the context of recommending places to go in Turkey. They will start with a lead in about Bodrum then do some dialogue activities. They will the do some questions about useful vocabulary. After that they will do a disappearing dialogue about travel. The class will end with a freer speaking activity about places to visit in Turkey.


Main Aims

  • By the end of the lesson, learners will be better able to talk about their opinions on the topic of the best places to visit in Turkey

Subsidiary Aims

  • To present vocabulary to be used when describing the best place to visit in Turkey


Stage 1 (Lead In) (3-4 minutes) • To generate interest in the topic of the lesson

- Project image of Bodrum on the WB - Ask SS where is this? Why do people go here? - Demo a description of why Bodrum is my favourite place to visit in Turkey (But I try to avoid Gumbet) - SS talk in pairs about what things they like to have in places they visit (e.g. beach, restaurants, mountains) (ICQ: Will you talk about places to live? No, places to visit) - Elicit answers and write them on the WB

Stage 2 (Preparing to speak) (8-10 minutes) • To generate ideas to speak about

- Chest a HO for the SS with an example role play dialogue - Show SS that the dialogue has missing words and that they must fill in the gaps with the words on the HO - Tell SS they will work individually to read the dialogue and choose the superlative for 2 mins (ICQ: How long do you have?) - Tell SS to pair check their answers and then practice speaking the dialogue with their partner taking turns to read both parts (ICQ: Will you read only one part? No, both) (Immediate error correction - Give SS groups (Antalya, Bodrum...) and ask them to practice the dialogue one more time with a different partner and check their answers (ICQ: Will you work with the same partner? No, different) (Immediate error correction) - Project HO on the WB and give SS a pen and ask them to come and fill in the gaps on the WB - Error correct and give feedback on the WB by asking 'why?' for any answers they disagree about

Stage 3 (Clarifying the vocabulary) (8-10 minutes) • To provide and clarify language which the learners may find useful for completing the speaking task

- Chest another HO for SS with images and places to match (Demo how to match) - Tell SS to work individually and match the picture to the word on the paper for 1 min (ICQ: How long do you have? 1 min) - SS pair check the answers then check the AK - While HO is projected on the WB drill pronunciation quickly only highlighting any obvious mistakes by choosing groups of SS to drill again - Give SS a HO with 6 sentences to gap fill with the words from the vocabulary matching HO and then highlight the superlative in the sentence for 3 mins (ICQ: Which words will you use? from the paper, What will you underline? superlatives, How long do you have? 3 mins) - Have an extra question at the bottom of the HO for fast finishers (Write 3 more sentences about a place using superlatives) - SS pair check answers and then come to the WB to fill in the blanks from the HO

Stage 4 (Disappearing dialogue) (8-10 minutes) • For learners to practice speaking in relation to a travel agent

- Show SS a dialogue and a picture on the WB and elicit where they think this dialogue is happening (a travel agent) - Tell SS that you will read a line and they will repeat after me (ICQ: Will you say the line on your own? No, after you) - Read the whole dialogue a line at a time with the SS repeating - Tell SS to look quickly because two lines of the dialogue will be removed - Elicit the first two lines of dialogue from the SS - Go through the rest of the dialogue taking two more lines away at a time until the SS complete the dialogue

Stage 5 (Freer speaking activity) (6-8 minutes) • For learners to practice speaking in relation to their favourite place to visit in Turkey

- Tell SS they will now think about their favourite place to visit in Turkey - SS will choose a place and then write 5 sentences including a place to visit and a superlative to describe that place individually for 2 mins (ICQ: How many sentences will you write? 5, Will you include a place and a superlative? Yes) - Demo an example of a dialogue for the SS - SS will then practice dialogues similar to the to the dialogue from the previous activity (Leave on the WB while SS are preparing their information) - Tell SS to think about who describes the best place to visit - Give SS groups (Antalya, Bodrum...) (ICQ: Antalya will work with who? Bodrum) and have them practice with a partner talking about their favourite place in Turkey - Change partners again after error correction on the WB

Stage 6 (Error correction and feedback on speaking task) (4-5 minutes) • To provide content and language feedback on the task

- Monitor task and take notes on SS errors - Stop SS and ask them to sit down - Write some errors on the WB and elicit corrections from the SS - Ask SS to find a new partner (ICQ: Bodrum with who? Antalya) - SS repeat task one or two more times - Give feedback at the end by asking which SS had the best place to visit

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