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First friend 3 2nd session
First friend 3 part 1 level


In this session students will have dictation review on what's your name and how old are you Checking homework Learning new vocabulary and structure and games


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Main Aims

  • To provide practice of General words such as read and write or jump in the context of Sport and study

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide practice of I can in the context of Sport and study


Greetings (5-10 minutes) • Open up the conversation

After greetings have review on what's your name and how old are Then make the roll calls

Dictation (3-5 minutes) • Testify

Dictation is a matter of fact that allow you to testify students knowledge

Engagment vocab (4-6 minutes) • Lead them in

First I act the roles then they have to guess what am I doing? Then I say look at the picture and they have to act the words

Study vocab (10-15 minutes) • Focus on words

Then do mecdib for all of the words with flash cards For ccq and eliciting use modeling and tpr Then in their own groups they have to repeat Then boarding and spell After all they have to listen to audio then listen again and point

Activation vocab (10-15 minutes) • Practce and have fun

First activation Fishing Pick the names with group You need one stick and some metal thing or pins for cards But if you couldn't do it delete fishing just they have to pick up Second activation Mime With groups on of them will come and act the word then the pairs should guess the word We will play the mime until we have words left no. Matter of time

Engagment structure (5-6 minutes) • Lead them in

They have to play basketball and I have to say can and can't structure All of them should play basketball then I go through mpf

Study structure mpf (7-12 minutes) • Focus on structure

I will show them some pictures and I ask them yes or no Then after checking all of them I say the form I can play I can't play And so on... Then drilling chorally and groups Then we go to form and write the structure Then with model I ask ccq

Activation granmer • Repeating and practicing

With photos that I have given that have to make example out of it Sec activation: Mime

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