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Assignment 3
Intermediate level


In this lesson, ss will practice their reading and writing skills in the context of risky and unsupervised play.


Abc Task sheet
Abc visuals for preteaching vocab

Main Aims

  • To provide gist reading practice using a text about Risky play in the context of children unsupervised by adults
  • To practise controlled reading for details and writing

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide controlled writing practice in a personalized context using the text on risky play for guidelines


Stage 1 (0-10 minutes) • To set the context

Show the visual printed in the text and ask questions, what is the boy doing? Is he safe? Is there anyone around to take care of him? If the answer is no, then the boy has taken risk.... what will happen if he fall down and gets a minor hurt.... Elicit answers from the ss. He will learn to help himself... next time he will try to be careful Introduce the word resilience.. to quickly restore to the original position Introduce sedentary lifestyle... show the picture of couch potatoes watching TV Next teach obesity, chronic disease, fractured head and spine, Chronic disease - to be ill very often Using visuals,introduce the new word stranger danger,cyberbullies, abduction

Stage 2 (10-25 minutes) • To practise reading for gist

Give instructions how to read and what the text is all about. Ask them to read it quickly to get the main idea from the text. Give the text to ss for reading and also give the task sheet. Give instruction to carry out task 1 while reading. After finishing activity 1 give them the answer key to check. Now give instructions for detailed reading. Work out activity 2. Answers must be short answers. Give answer key to check.

Stage 3 (25-45 minutes) • To practise guided writing

Now tell the students to think about their childhood days. Ask them did you engage in risky play? or in overprotected play area? Ask them to name the kinds of activities they got involved eg., cycling without adult supervision in the pavements, street side cricket, etc., Ask them was it helpful to them in any way? What are the advantages? What are the disadvantages? Elicit responses from students... write them on board... Ask them to talk in pairs and share their ideas. Now let them do activity 3. Monitor and take notes. Feedback and error correction.

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