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Present Simple
Beginners level


In this lesson, Ss will be able to express themselves using the present simple tense in both affirmative and negative forms.


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Main Aims

  • To provide clarification and practice present simple tense with the subject pronoun "I"

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide spoken and written practice for accuracy


Lead in (5 minutes) • To set the context

T elicits some of the words in the lesson from visuals. Then, T talks about his friend James and writes 3 sentences with missing words on the WB. In pairs, Ss will try to guess the three missing verbs (live, work and go).

Vocabulary (12 minutes) • To teach some common verbs and noun collocations

T gets Ss to repeat the 3 sentences. Next, T introduces the pictures (a big company, an office, a factory, a shop, New York, house, flat, parents, boyfriend, wife and children, bus, car, train, foot) and puts them on the floor. Then, T asks Ss to complete the tables in the HO. T adapts the way in the chart and let Ss match the pictures to the correct verbs.

Grammar (10 minutes) • To elicit the tense, word order, highlight the use of preps and introduce the negative form

T explains that we use present simple to tell about facts. T draws three columns to separate the pronoun "I", verbs, the object of the sentence in order to explain the order of the words then highlights the use of preps (for/in/with/by). At this stage, T introduces the negative form by telling them a sentence "I have 3 girlfriends" the Ss will know that it was a lie. Here, T corrects the sentence by saying "I don't have 3 girlfriends". Ss should be aware of the contraction of "I don't". T gets Ss to practice on the negative form.

Practice (1) (8 minutes) • To get Ss practice on writing and speaking

T tells Ss three true sentences about himself.Then, T asks Ss to write on a piece of paper three sentences about themselves using language from the chart. In pairs, Ss will tell each other true things about themselves using common verbs.

Practice (2) (10 minutes) • To practice on the vocabs- common verbs and noun collocations

T divides Ss into groups, hands out a set of cards to each group and asks them to shuffle them and place them face down on the table. In turns, Ss will pick up a card from the pile to make a sentence with it, e.g foot - I go to school by foot. Each group will present their profile to the others when they finish.

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