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Grammar Workshop
Seminar level


This is an overview of all the main grammar mistakes and how you can double check for them!


Abc tips sheet - with activities on it

Main Aims

  • To be able to differentcate between some of the most common mimstakes.
  • To notice the small errors that are made in grammar all the time

Subsidiary Aims

  • To help them notice how easy it can be to correct some of the errors the are common to make.


Warmer (5-8 minutes) • to get them thinking about what mistakes are made a lot.

Before starting the seminar, ask the students in pairs to why they think grammar is hard and what they think the most common mistakes are. Also get them to Rate there English to see if they think that they are a Beginner, intermediate or Upper intermediate, and get them to stand in there groups.

Vocabulary (5-7 minutes) • To get them familiar with the Vocab we are going to look at.

Give them the irregular verbs they are going to be using in the sentence race and get them to check that they know what all of them mean.

Productive task (25-30 minutes) • This is to see if they can write sentences with the irregular verbs they have been given.

Sentence race - They will be split into 2/3 teams and they will be given 10 irregular verbs each depending on the level they think they are. The teacher will shout out number, and one of the students will have to run to the board and write a sentence including the word that is on their card. The sentence has to have at least 7 words, the correct punctuation, and everything is spelt correctly and the sentence is also correct. (When they are at the board if they are having trouble and do not know what is wrong they can ask the team to help) the teams are allowed to help as much as they like. The team that gets the sentence correct first wins a point. We go through all ten words and see who has the most points at the end. The team with the most points wins.

Productive Task 2 (10-15 minutes) • for them to fill in the blanks successfully.

They will be given a work sheet which will have sentences which will have empty gaps and they will need to fill them with the words at the top of the sheet.

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