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Somewhere to live- TP3- 3rd lesson-
A1 level


In this lesson, students will learn about the usage of adverb+adjective, the positive or negative connotations of adjectives, numbers and prices, and listen to the intonations of sentences that are formed with some specific adjectives.


Abc Listening Exercises

Main Aims

  • To provide clarification of adverbs and adjectives in the context of household and costs.

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide detailed listening practice using a text about adjectives in the context of household and costs.


Introduction to Adjective Connotations (4-10 minutes) • To separate the adjectives that have positive or negative connotations

Students will be given a chart (H/O) to be filled with the adjectives, including the ones on the Student's Book pg. 36. Students will be expected to work in pairs and check their answers. This will determine their knowledge on connotations of those adjectives. The answers will be revealed on the board and the questions that were not clear for students will be drilled through forming sentences.

Visual Demonstration of Vocabulary Relevant to the Topic (5-10 minutes) • To pre-teach the vocabulary

The vocabulary will be taught with providing their relevant times/places, which will be projected to the board. The students will be asked to think and form sentences, if it stays unclear, teacher will demonstrate and provide examples of situations/dialogues. This stage will also includes the not very<---<very<really + adjective order. Teacher will demonstrate how to use those adverbs before adjectives via forming sentences.

Listening Exercises and Drilling (10-15 minutes) • To teach intonation of sentences with adjectives.

-T. 4.10 on page 36 will be listened to and repeated -T. 4.11 on page 36 will be listened to and the exercises below will be made with pair/group work -Teacher will pair the students and ask them to find adverb+adjectives in the T 4.12, listening exercise 6

Numbers (10-15 minutes) • To remind the students how to count

-teacher will provide the numbers to the students either with a H/O or by writing on the board -teacher will ask random students to say the numbers (-and will write the numbers if there is a question) - if there are enough students in the class, the teacher will ask them to stand up and get into the order beginning from the smallest and ending with the biggest number -then, the ABC song will be sung with the numbers: "one, nineteen, twenty-one thirty-six, forty-five, ninety-one ninety-four, hundred and seventy five-- one million pounds!" Additionally, half, quarter and number-point-number will be taught.

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