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Teaching Practice 1 - Work Vocabulary and Listening
Beginner level


In this lesson, students will learn vocabulary related to work and how to use it in speech.


Abc Audio CD 1 track 35

Main Aims

  • To review and practice vocabulary about work

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide speaking practice in a conversation in the context of work
  • To listen for gist and specific information using an audio track about work


Lead-in/Warmer (3-6 minutes) • To set lesson context and engage students

T will project picture 1 on the WB. T will elicit and write names of A, B and C on the WB by getting Ss to discuss them. T will prepare Ss to do task in picture 2 HO: Ss to identify where A, B and C are in the party. ICQs: How will you work? [in pairs] What are you looking for in the picture? [the people in picture 1 on WB] What will you write? [A, B or C] How much time do you have? [one minute] Feedback: T projects picture 2 on WB and gets WCF.

Vocabulary review (8-12 minutes) • Students will review and practice using TL

T will make 3 columns on the WB. Write one collocation in each column: "I'm...", "I work in" and "I work for". Relate these collocations to "What?", "Where?" and "Who?" respectively. Give personal example. T will elicit work-related nouns (e.g. teacher, school, Ataturk High School) from Ss using gestures and write them under the appropriate column. Write a maximum of 6 nouns under each column. T will nominate Ss to read out TL from the WB. T will explain error correction task - give example on WB. Create 3-4 teams and label them from A-D. Instruct Ss to correct errors in HO in 4 minutes. Team with most number of correct answers wins. ICQs: Where will you write your team's name? [on the top of HO] Where will you write the correct answer? [in the blank provided] How much time do you have? [4 minutes] What will you do when you finish? [one team member gives paper to T] Feedback: T projects HO on WB and reviews answers with WC.

Listening (8-10 minutes) • To challenge students to listen to and identify parts of speech in TL

T instructs Ss to listen for questions. ICQs: Will you write anything? [No] What will you listen for? [Questions] WCF T writes questions on WB in separate columns. T asks Ss to refer to picture 2 HO. T instructs Ss to listen again and identify the answers to the questions on WB. ICQs: Will you write anything? [No] Will you listen for questions? [No] Will you listen for answers to the questions on WB? [Yes] Feedback: T nominates Ss to give answers.

Metro Commute Activity (8-10 minutes) • To review TL and provide students speaking practice

T explains pre-activity handout. Ss will match the correct collocation and noun. ICQs: Will you write your answers? [No] Will you match/join them? [Yes] Ss will check in pairs. T asks questions on WB and nominates Ss to answer. T creates metro commute scenario by lining chairs in a row at the front of classroom. T instructs Ss to sit on any chair. Ss will practice TL in HO in pairs. ICQs: Where are you going to be? [In the train] What will you talk about? [what I/we work as] Who will you talk to? [Ss next to you] If time, T will review TL with each S out loud before wrapping up class.

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