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Upper Intermediate level


We will start the lesson with some vocabulary dealing with terminology of the judiciary and executive apparatus.Followed up by a listening and an oral reproduction of it.A post listening exercise and a speaking one at the end of the lesson.


Abc Several exercises from Unit 3b

Main Aims

  • To provide lsitening for gist and detail in the context of two stories connected to crime

Subsidiary Aims

  • To provide fluency speaking and vocabulary in the context of crime


Lead in (1-2 minutes) • Short summary of what students are going to do

I will tell the Ss that we will continue talking about crime and punishment and that i will ad some more vocabulary and a listening about it.

Matching exercise crime and punishment (10-12 minutes) • To provide Ss vocabulary about crime and punishment

I will divide the class in two groups of a and b. Group a does the matching for the first half of the vocabulary and b the rest. After the groups have finished I will choose one student from each group to go on the WB and write down the answers. After that the students should comment on the matching of the other group. drill acquit (əˈkwɪt) highlight all prepositions: eg for a crime point out antonyms:guilty/innocent, acquit/convict point out:arrest, charge, sentence, fine are also nouns (n)

Matching exercise 1b (7-10 minutes) • To clarify the responsibilities of professionals dealing with crime and punishment

The students match the professions with the phrases in 1a in pairs. After that WC FB. point out: judge and witness are also verbs drill : judge(dʒʌdʒ) and jury ((jo͝or′ē) mention:jury delivers the verdict (decision)

Pre task for gist listening (4-7 minutes) • To prepare students for the listening and to give them a reason to listen

I will point on the HO to look at the pictures and talk with your partners: What is happening on each picture? What do think happened next?First discussion in pairs then I will ask the whole class about their ideas.

Listening for gist (8-12 minutes) • To get an overall idea about the listening

I will play the listening once and divide Ss in a and b. Student A retells story A to B and vice versa.They can use the words and phrases given in the boxes. Wright on the WB before listening:USA=parking lot\UK=car park point out: both stories are true

Feedback gist listening production 3b (3-5 minutes) • Comparing reproduction with the listening

I play the listening again, so students have the opportunity to compare the reproduction with the listening.

Gap Fill (5-7 minutes) • Post listening exercise (preparation for the next lesson third conditional taught by Marion)

Students will do the exercise individually and check the answer with a partner. I will ask students which of these sentences belong to story A and which ones to B. At the end we will do WC FB.

Discussion 4b (6-9 minutes) • Free exercise production post listening speaking for fluency

I will divide the class in 2 or 3 groups and tell them to discuss the questions with each other.I will offer them to talk particularly for Istanbul if they have no idea how to answer the questions for whole turkey.

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